Dejavú – July in Review

July has been a hot icky sticky month. We’ve spent more time at the pool trying to stay cool. If you’ve been poolside too, you may have missed a few Pretty Handy Girl posts.

Here is what I’ve been up to:

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Organizing Your Paint Supplies - Guest Post from Becky at Organizing Made Fun


I’ve been a busy beaver this past week. My boys’ bathroom went from “Under the Sea” (complete with fish wallpaper border and shower curtain)

to “Down by the Sea” with dried starfish, MirrorMate mirror frame, new light fixture, paint, and a cool board and batten style moulding.

I can’t wait to show you! Oops, well I guess I just gave you a little sneak peek.

Plus, I’ve been exploring CFL bulb solutions. I’m trying to be eco-conscious, but I’m just not feelin’ the CFL love. Anyone else have this issue?

See ya’ real soon ;-).




  1. I’m planning on using your tutorial for making piping! I’m amazed at how pretty it turned out. I’ve been very nervous about trying that! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  2. Your niece’s room is adorable…I love the branch on the dresser. Very inspiring!

  3. Can’t wait to see the new bathroom! I am also having a problem with the CFL bulbs. I have them but they just look so darn bright, even if they are supposed to be soft.

  4. Great July month. Really fun reading everything. Hope to try out the dandelion wall soon. Thanks!

  5. I love the pinboard/chalkboard in the window frame. I snagged half a dozen of those old style windows from a trash pile a few years ago and I need to finally do something with all of them. I’ve seen them used as picture frames as well.

  6. Totally not sold on the CFL’s. I bought some for the basement. They are supposed to last years, ours lasted 6 months. Don’t know if it was a fluke or not.

  7. Queen Mary says:

    CFLS can be hard on migraineurs. We have some, but they are not used when I am in a room.

  8. I despise cfl’s. Ever had one break? Did you read what you need to do to clean it up? I recommend you do not put these bulbs in table lamps or floor lamps just in case they get knocked over by kids or pets. I bought dimmable pot light cfl bulbs. Very expensive and they barely dim. Go from bright to almost off with nothing in between. There is no point putting them in rooms in which you switch lights on and off regularly. It shortens their life and they need to warm up before they shine brightly, so by the time they are bright you are leaving the room. They give a harsh cold light, even the ones labelled warm light. The only place I have them is in my finished basement playroom which has about twenty pot lights and actually gets warm from all those incandescents. I think LED’s are going to be the way to go.

  9. Can’t wait to see the bathroom! Going for something similar in my kids bathroom…but stuck…Hope you post pics soon! :)

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