Déjavu – February in Review

February 2011 was the month of love! The month that I challenged you to Fall in Love with Your Home. These are the highlights from February:

Intro: A brief little story about how we fell in love with our home before we lived in it.


Painted Smooth Ceilings
Why your ceilings should be scraped smooth or at least painted an ultra-bright white. More Light Reflected = Better Mood (Amoré)


Removing the Blinds
Reclaim up to 25% of your natural light by strategically hanging blinds and curtains or removing them altogether.


Making an Entrance – Spruce Up Your Entryway for You!
Why not create an entryway you are glad to come home to. This is the door you use more frequently to enter your home. Make your home welcome you with open arms.


1,000 Followers! Woo Hoo!
Hard to believe that I have over 1,000 followers. But, it’s true!


Love Your Home, Not The Stuff! Taming the Clutter
Those small piles, knick knacks and items left out can create visual clutter. It is distracting to your eyes and you mind. Some quick de-cluttering tips.


I LOVE Decorating with Books – Guest Post with Honey We’re Home
Love your books, but worried they are cluttering your home? Megan is here to save the day! I love her rainbow bookshelf.

Creating Seasonal Vignettes
Learn how to create attractive vignettes on your mantle, table tops and more.


Isn’t It Amazing What a Little Paint Can Do?
How to choose paint colors to evoke a mood and how to preview them in your room or on your home without lifting a paint brush!


1,000 Follower Giveaway Details!
Enter to win Pretty Handy Girl in a Box. A celebration of reaching 1,000 followers.


New Light Fixtures to Light Up Your House Love
I’m sharing with you my secret to finding affordable lighting for my home. And then sharing a tutorial for installation.


Creating an Outdoor Oasis – Guest Post from Jess at Frugal with a Flourish
Create an outside paradise with these easy to build trellis planter boxes.


Adding Moulding to Your Staircase – Guest Post from Emily the Decor Chick
You have to see this fabulous staircase makeover. Emily show us how she installed picture frame moulding on her staircase.


Storage and Organization in Your Mudroom – Guest Post from High Heels and a Hammer
A mudroom makeover and ideas for building your own bench and shelf for storage. Plus, a linen covered message board.


Faux Granite Countertops – Guest Post by Creative Kristi
Have ugly laminate counterops? Check out how Kristi transformed hers to look like granite for only $30!


Changing Out Your Pillows and Throws for a New Look
You can create a new look you’ll love in 5 minutes or less just by changing out your pillows, throws or other “soft” accessories in your room.


Covering an Unsightly View – Guest Post by Sandra from Sawdust and Paper Scraps
Have an ugly view out your window? Sandra shows us how to disguise the view and still let light in.


Decorating with Plants – Guest Post by Sand & Sisal
Who knew that plants could improve your mood? But, it’s true, these potted friends breathe life into our homes.


Creating a Focal Point – Guest Post by Two Story Cottage
Sometimes it isn’t your decor that pulls a room together, it is creating a focal point.

A special thank you to all my guest bloggers this month! I couldn’t have provided you with all these resources without their help!

Megan – Honey We’re Home

Jess – Frugal with a Flourish

Emily – Decor Chick

Kristen – High Heels and a Hammer

Kristi – Creative Kristi

Sandra – Sawdust and Paper Scraps

Kim – Sand & Sisal

Erin – Two Story Cottage


Coming up next month: More DIY tutorials, A special pass to view the Space Shuttle Launch Discovery, and more!


  1. Hi Brittany,

    Just saw your blog mentioned over at Sawdustandpaperscraps.com and came over to check it out. What a great collection of articles! I hardly know where to start reading. Thanks for putting this all together.



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