Dejavú – April in Review

For those of you who have been busy this past month here is a review of the projects I shared in April. Speaking of busy, I’ve been trying to cram a months worth of visiting into 3 days. It hasn’t been easy, but at least I got to see my family yesterday:

My mom with her five kids and two (out of three, soon to be four) grandkids.

I’m looking forward to May and have lots more to share with you.

How NOT to Replace an Escutcheon

Removing Door, Knobs, Latches and Hinges

How to Paint Doors – The Professional Way

Painting Like a Pro – Step 1 – Prep Work

Painting Like a Pro – Step 2 – Paint and Sheen

Painting Like a Pro – Step 3 – Painting and Touch Ups

My Bird House Received the COA!!!

Do You Have a Public Alert Radio?


Guest Post: Vintage Hook Frame

Vintage Soap Sign Download

Spring Vignettes and Mantle Décor

Making a Citrus Striped Cake Stand

Fixing Common Door Problems

Three Days in England

Bread Crate Display Shelf – Guest Posting at Positively Splendid

Hanging Objects on a Wall


I hope you come back soon for some new tutorials in May!


  1. HudsonHero says:

    April was a fantastic month with blog posts.Thanks! Besides using your ideas in my personal life (painting) you have also spurred ideas in my writing job. :-) You rock!

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