I find it ironic that I was supposed to be posting a tutorial for installing a sprinkler system today and instead I ended up taking my 5 year old  to the hospital for being severely dehydrated again.

They hooked him up to an IV (which is a very nice way of saying that it took three of us to hold down a screaming boy as they tried many times to find his vein) and got two bags of fluid in him. He’s feeling much better but has to stay in the hospital for two days. His blankie came with us to the hospital. It has so many holes in it from being washed numerous times. I fully expect it to vanish one day when all the little holes connect.

In case you were wondering, this is the same kid that broke his arm twice in three months.

And fell face first into the asphalt last year resulting in a mangled mouth of stray teeth.

Basically, this sweet little FIVE year old has now taken TEN years off my life! At this rate, I’ll be kicking the bucket 2 years earlier every year that I live. Let’s hope I was destined to live to 120.

All you parents out there, do you have one child who is more accident prone than your other children? Next up on Pretty Handy Girl: sewing a bubble suit for my son.



  1. Oh my goodness poor little guy! I am so sorry to hear of your hospital visit! Hope he stays safe from here on out!

  2. I can totally sympathize! I have four kids, but it’s always Number 2 in the emergency room. He sheared off the end of his thumb by reaching into a moving bike chain when he was 3. A couple months later, he walked into the corner of a wall and split open his eyebow to the tune of a dozen stitches. We went to two different ERs out of convenience, but a nurse friend warned us against doing that because that’s apparently what abusive parents do to cover their tracks–only the hospitals talk to each other and red flag those cases. Yikes! The next time we just went to the pediatrician when he opened up the top of his head on the corner of a table while “wrestling” with his brother–it happened to be Halloween, and he could have worn his blood-soaked sweatshirt for a very convincing costume. We call him “Crash.”

  3. Last August my son who was 10 at the time decided to “recreate a skateboarding video game” in our driveway. I was grocery shopping at the time and my husband said he told him that was a stupid idea but never STOPPED HIM. This was a skateoard that was from my daughter many MANY years ago. So as he was trying to do the tricks from the video game, he fell and broke his ankle. However, my husband being the tough it out told him he was fine. I came home to an ankle 3 times the size when I left and took him to the ER. Not only was it broke but there are only 3 bones in the ankle and he broke 3 of them plus cracked his heal. So while this story seems like this in the end..but wait. Two weeks later, just as he was FINALLY getting good on his crutches, he was going to our van and I said… just a minute, don’t go so fast, let me help you. By the time, I turned around he was on the ground and said to me… uh mom, I think I just broke my other ankle. I was hoping he was joking, but within minutes it looked just like the previous one 2 weeks prior. So BACK we go to the orthopedic.. and was another break. Did I mention this was the night before school started? He ended up starting 5th grade in a wheelchair. Then 9 weeks later..he finally got both boots off and was sent home with ASO braces he was to wear whenever he was doing sports. One morning, we were running late, and I was trying to put those stupid braces on and he was complaining and grumbling and I said FINE ..don’t wear them but if you break something I will be so upset with you. About 4 hours later.. I get a call. He was playing basketball at recess and fell and they think it may be a good idea to come and pick him up… yep… rebroke that first ankle. So 7 months later… we are still wearing those braces and doing extra physical therapy and I just pray every day and hope for the best!!!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your son! It is no fun to be dehydrated! I’ve been to the hospital many a time for dehydration and even had in home IV therapy for a few months!

  5. Hi Brittany —
    I hope you are hanging in there and your little guy is home soon. Thinking about you. XO

  6. My two year old has put his head through a plate glass window, bit through his bottom lip in two spots (completely through the bottom lip) and broken a leg. He is also the kid that will go running full steam into the corner of a table, fall down, cry, ask for a kiss, then say, “I’m okay,” and take off running again. I feel you and those examples are just the icing on this little cupcake.

    I hope your son gets all this craziness out of his system soon. I bet you could use a break. I also hope he feels better soon.

  7. Sorry about your little guy~ Hope he’s feeling much better by now!

    I have 2 boys, now 25 & 20. The younger one is accident prone and has been hospitalized for dehydration too, once following a stomach virus, once after soccer practice in the heat~ Also had emergency room visits for sutures in his finger, his hand & his head (hit by a friend playing with a golf club!). One broken nose (pool slide mishap) busted lip & broken tooth (roller skating rink), torn hamstring in a soccer accident (8 weeks of PT) and numerous minor accidents.

    The most recent was a torn meniscus (knee) requiring major surgery & 4 months of PT from a soccer accident his Senior Year in high school.

    His brother is no slouch, having slit his wrist on a trampoline, dislocated his ankle in a skateboarding accident, broken his femur in a car accident & his jaw in another accident. So far we’ve been accident free for 5 months and counting…

    Sad to say you’ve got a long way to go… (note I said they are 20 & 25!!)

  8. Oh, bless his heart. I hope his hospital stay goes quickly. My son had several stays in the hospital as a toddler, then broke his arm playing soccer as a preteen. Pretty healthy after that, so hang in there. Hopefully, it will get better.

  9. Hope your son gets better soon! My brother was very accident prone. He has had 4 or 5 broken arms, with 3 of them in one summer. My mom was scared to take him anywhere thinking people would holler child abuse!

  10. Kimberly says:

    Oh gosh yes! I have 3 children and 2 step children and ONE out of all 5 of them has been taken to the ER more than the rest combined. She, yes a girl, is 6. That makes her second to youngest in our family and I don’t know how many times I have taken her. I don’t take her every time she has a fall either. Her school called me last year to take her for stitches, and I took her home. At this point I have a pretty good idea of what needs stitched or glued and what doesn’t. lol There is a fear that I wonder if you have, though. Do you ever feel like it will start looking suspicious and wonder when they will finally send a social worker? I worry about that.

  11. Queen Mary says:

    Oh my gosh! What a story — and what a great bunch of follow-up stories! My daughter has always been our daredevil — when she was three she was in her “engineering” stage. She piled pillows up on our sofa — from the seat cushion over the arm of the sofa — an incline which she proceeded to walk up backwards — and fall right off of, and break her arm! She cracked her head and chin open so much I too was worried about what the social workers at the hospital would think — they’re actually pretty aware of normal accidents vs. “accidents.” Anyway, she has always called our local hospital (we have a gazillion, we live in the DC Metro area) HER hospital! Here’s the rub — she became a championship Irish step dancer! So it wasn’t for lack of grace!

    I will put in a plug for being very careful about dehydration — we learn alot about that in girl scouts, I have as a migraine sufferer, and more recently, my mom was dehydrated just before dying — apparently it is very difficult to control hydration in the elderly and infants, which then causes all their chemical levels to go wacky. It essentially killed my mom — BUT SHE WAS NOT A 10 YEAR OLD BOY!! Just get him a cool water bottle! :)

    I love your blog too — and frequently send it to my daughter! The one we should have named Grace!

  12. Wow and I thought i was the only one in the world with an accident prone son he has broken both arms,ankle,wrist had stitches 4 times and I’m just waiting to see what next,worst mistake I ever made buying him a bmx bike,but you can’t wrap them up in cotton wool and boys will be boys!

  13. Oh, no, poor guy- hope he feels better soon. I’m all for the bubble wrap suit! :)

  14. All I can say is AFLAC!

  15. Six kids and way to many trips to the ER. Just came back from the dr’s an hour ago and have one with bronchitis. Nothing like you are going through………..
    My hair turned white very early and I think those kiddos must have had something to do with it:) Good luck.

  16. Karen Buck says:

    So sorry to hear that he’s feeling sick. Your comment about his favorite blanket reminder me of what I did for my son when his favorite got really sad. He liked to cover with a piece of hemmed Satin fabric. Of course after many washings it would get ragged. We would pick a new piece and he was content to cover with the new one but insisted on holding on to the old. It had been tied in knots to keep it together. After a while I made him a small drawstring bag to put his beloved “nite,nite” in. That is what he called it because when I would cover him I always said, “nite, nite.” He could still hold on to the pieces of his dear blankie. He turns 18 in May, and I’m pretty sure this bag is still in his room…lol

  17. Oh yes…one of my 3 boys attracted accidents constantly. Finally it got so bad the ER nurses would not let me be in the room with him when they did their initial assessment. They wanted to question him to make sure I wasn’t the one causing his accidents. He was the athlete and played baseball in college. He said it was fun being an outfielder because he “liked” bouncing off the outfield wall and still be able to catch the ball. And as a parting shot his senior year, I got to see him get knocked out when he hit that wall too hard, going too fast. On the other hand, his brothers were much more tame. I hope your little guy feels better fast!

  18. Hope the both of you are better now. It is vary hard as a Mom to have a sick child. I remember well even though it has been a few years. When my boys where little they where always getting hurt or being sick. I had a sort of rule…. if they bleed though 2 facecloths then off to the hospital we went. We went a lot. Now they are grown and where well until 3 years ago. He is okay again. Time will only tell… As difficult as it is try to hold on to every moment as they are all special. They grow up to fast.

  19. Sounds like one tough and resilient little guy! That should serve him well in life. :-) I hope he is feeling better soon and that you are able to stay well and energized yourself.

  20. Glad to hear he is ok. I had a problem last year and constantly got dehydrated. I think for me it was just a side affect of getting RMSF and my body fighting so hard to get over it.
    BTW, I love the Mural you painted in your sons room! I wish I was talented enough to do that for my son. Right now his room is pretty plain. He likes it that way but I know he would love to have something done in his room like what you did for your son.

  21. Laura Russell says:

    I had a blankie like that when I was a child. It finally became three knots on a string of fabric. My mother tried so hard to get rid of it. I would hold it under my nose and suck my three middle fingers (instead of a thumb). She still tells the story of how I left it at my great aunt’s home. She tried replacing it with one of my father’s handkerchiefs, but let me tell you it was NOT the same. It had a feel and smell all of its own. I think it was the pheromone things even then.

  22. So reading the comments about parents thinking that they are going to be turned in for child abuse for their clumsy kids reminds me of a story my mom told me. When I was 1 and my older sister 5 I ate a pouch of my dad’s strawberry pipe tobacco. My mom was talking to poison control when my sister started screaming. This was of course before cordless phones so she stretched around the corner to see what was going on and then had to say “I’m sorry I’ll have to call you back my other one fell off the sink and split her forehead open!” My sister had been standing on the sink combing her hair while she knew she could get away with it. My mom was convinced they were coming to take us away.

    My son is the accident prone one in our family. The worst was when he was at the babysitters and was two. She got lunch ready, strapped him into the highchair, and walked into the other room to get his drink. In those few seconds he put his feet on the table and pushed the high chair back to the stove and touched the pizza pan straight out of the oven. 2nd degree burns all over his poor fingers and left hand. Had to go to Shriner’s Burn hospital for that one :(

  23. Ouch! Poor little guy. You could pad him up like a foot ball player and he would think it was cool! Hope he feels better soon.

  24. Barbara in CT says:

    Guess I got off easy. Neither of my kids were accident prone. Both are in their 40’s now. But, I have dealt with dehydration.

    This experience should teach him to drink lots of liquids. You’ll have to remind him but he shouldn’t give you any arguments. If he does, you need to remind him that he has a choice–drink lots of liquids or return to the hospital and the dreaded needle.

    I hope you have indulged in a little of whatever it is that you reward yourself with.

  25. All I can say is “Bless Your Heart”.

  26. Oh yes, my daughter is way more accident prone than my son has ever been! He’s 6 and she’s only 2, but we’ve already been to the ER with her, and he has never been. She broke her leg in January running – just running, nothing exciting – and she fell and broke her tibia. Last night she hit her face on the edge of the coffee table resulting in a fat lip on the bottom and a blood blister on her top gum – right above her dead tooth that she got last year when she fell and hit it on the metal bleachers at her brother’s tee ball game. Today she fell in the driveway and now has a concrete mark on her forehead and a big scrape on her nose, and at some point yesterday she got a cut on her cheek! She has hit her head more times than I can count, so yes, I too, am waiting on the CPS call any day now. I’m worried about how many ER trips we will make before she moves out!

  27. Oh that is not fun…any of it. So sorry! I hope he feels better and you are out of there soon.
    I only have one, who is not very accident prone, but my husband was that kid. Constantly being stitched up, put back together…this and that. I don’t know how my mother-in-law survived him listening to the stories! I will say though, that he is a very mild-mannered easy-going adult…he got it all out as a kid!

  28. Sally Rountree says:

    Oh…Darlin’ Girl…I feel your pain (and his). My youngest of four (now 23) was, and remains, the most accident prone AND adventurous spirit I know. We have a running joke around here about everyone’s last words. We all agree that his will be, “Dude, check this out.” One school year he broke his collar bone, his right arm, his thumb, his wrist,had his elbow rebuilt, and had 176 stitches. Not all at the same time, mind you. He had three casts that school year and many bandages. He’s had concussions, broken bones, AND…get ready for this…WEST NILE disease! Who gets that? He’s a an extreme sports enthusiast at 23 and down hill skateboards, sheer face rock climbs, snowboards, river kayaks and rafts, and other horrible, terrible, mind numbing things that make me crazy. He has NO sense of fear. But…he sure does LIVE life! Here’s a link to him snowboarding through the trees in Steamboat: Good luck and God love ya! Sally

    • Oh wow! That was a great video! I’m sooo jealous. Pretty Handsome Guy and I are both snowboarders and would kill to have a big “Pow” day like that! Okay, maybe not kill, but would love that. So, was your son the one in the orange jacket? Tell him I’m jealous. 😉

      And I guess that’s what I have to look forward to with our little one. Thanks for giving me the heads up ;-D

  29. Sally Rountree says:

    yep…in the orange and later in the black and red checkered jacket. He spends winters in snow and summers on rivers. The video company (Shred Head Video) is his own. He sells and rents GoPro cameras and edits videos for clients whilst working about 3 or 4 other jobs that allow him to live large. And, yes, this is what you have to look forward to. I compulsively watch, and flinch, his videos as he hurtles himself down mountains and rivers. Oh, dear Girl…it’s a beautiful and frightening future. Gotta love their amazing zest for life, right?

  30. Awww, poor guy!

    I don’t have any kids, but I can tell you some stories of my own. I’ve been dehydrated and also had to go to the hospital. But it was because I had a severe case of the flu, and I was 20, not 5.

    When I was 2, I wandered away while my mom was cooking and climbed up the stairs. I stuck my head through the railing to look around, and BOOM. I feel through. Bit my bottom lip all the way through and a plastic surgeon had to sew it back together. You can still see the scar.

  31. Just a stupid question that you don’t have to answer, but I’m scratching my head wondering.
    How does one get that dehydrated that they need to visit the ER? I’m picturing a stomach bug causing vomiting or food poisoning causing diarrhea?

    • You are right on the money. He had norovirus early in March and it caused lots of vomiting and diarrhea. Then his system got so out of whack that he wasn’t getting better. I’m happy to say that he just went back to school today for the first time in 3 weeks!

      • Awesome that he is feeling good enough to go back to school. I was really confused as to how someone becomes so dehydrated. Now I understand.

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