Creating with a Star: Nellie Bellie

A few weeks ago I told you I was participating in Creating with the Stars. Myself and eleven other bloggers poured over 300+ submissions. I told East Coast Creative that it wasn’t fair that I had to chose my top 10. I seriously needed a top 30 at the least! The blogging talent was amazing and I was honored to be introduced to many new blogs that day. One of those blogs I gravitated to was this blogger’s:


I just got off a Hangout with this star today. Janel and I are paired together in the competition and we were discussing her project and blogging. This girl is such a good example of one truly creative person. If you don’t know Nellie Bellie yet, go over there now and sign up to follow her because her star is shooting! Really!

Here are just a few of her amazing projects:

DIY Felt Plant

Never Die Felt Plant (using a tea light candle!!! Seriously? Who thinks of that?!)

Okay, so you are one of those lucky people that has a green thumb, well behold her beautiful aqua DIY Wood Lath floors!

DIY Lath Aqua floors

That aqua color?! To die for. The great thing is that she could take the risk and paint them because she didn’t spend a lot of money on hardwood floors.

That girl is so far from risk averse that she even painted her bathroom tiles:

Paint bath tile

Did she stop there? Heck no! She painted her ugly cultured marble countertop and sink too!

Painted cultured marble sink

Okay, but what I really wanted to show you is her son’s bedroom makeover. She poured her heart and soul into this project and it really shows:

The little character in the portal — he’s my favorite.

boy's reading nook closet

Recycling a bunk bed ladder on the wall? Genius!

That is one lucky little dude if you ask me!

I hope you’ll watch and root for us on Creating with the Stars on East Coast Creative Blog these next few weeks.

I think Jess & Monica got it all wrong, I’m the lucky one who gets to work with a star!

Check out Janel’s blog, Nellie Bellie!



  1. Two of the blog winners are my buddies, Janell being one of them, so I’ll be watching! You do her proud now ‘ya hear?


  2. Wow, amazing work Janel does! Her site looks great, I’ll have to take time to browse around. Good luck in the contest!
    Debbie :)

  3. Girl…you gotta warn a person you are going to do this!! I’m all mushy over here. It’s an honor to bet paired with you…truly couldn’t have asked for a better “star”! Thanks for the love and sharing!! I’m so happy to work with you!

  4. I’m lucky enough to have been following Janel for some time and I’ve gotten to see loads of her DIY antics! She is truly fearless, as evidenced in her lath floor. She really amazed me with that one!! Then, the makeover on her sons bedroom was so original and fun. I am really looking forward to seeing what you two cook up!! Lots of luck to you – Shannon

  5. Oh wow I love her bedroom makeover! You just introduced me to a new blog :) Thank you!

  6. AHHHHH!!! Yes Yes yes..jumping up on Levi’s bed…doing a Happy Dance! Janel you rock girl…so excited for this “team” and can’t wait to see what you all do! Work It… work it Real good! :)

  7. Ben Treadaway - Hove Heating and Plumbing says:

    The idea of the ladder as a shelf is awesome. SOme really cool paint work too. I look forward to reading yours posts and glad I found your blog!

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