Welcome Contributor – Jeff of Home Repair Tutor


The first of the handy peeps I want to introduce you to is Jeff! Jeff writes a very informative home repair blog called Home Repair Tutor. He is a homeowner turned handyman after renovating and maintaining several rental properties (plus his home.) Jeff’s tutorials are straight forward and very helpful for saving you a buck or two (or two hundred) on your home repairs.

I know you’ll love Jeff’s sense of humor in addition to his super helpful tutorials.

Jeff Home Repair Tutor on a pink bike

You might remember Jeff’s guest tutorial for replacing garage door extension springs. He also has a great tutorial for cleaning soap scum off your shower door AND how to keep it clean!

But, what I find most impressive is his YouTube library of home repair videos. He has created over 50 videos (I need a few days to get caught up on all of them!)


A few other random facts about Jeff: Being the father of daughters, he’s the sole male in his household. He coaches his daughter’s basketball team. He has a chemistry background. And he’s been known to borrow his wife’s hairdryer to remove caulk. One more thing, he likes to keep us on our toes by changing his looks often.


If you happen to be out in the Pittsburgh area and see this dude, it’s really Jeff — the blog star behind Home Repair Tutor!


Please give him a warm welcome as the newest Pretty Handy Writer!


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Jeff will make a great addition to the Pretty Handy Girl team! You might have to think about changing you name. Pretty Handy Girl (and team). Although, Jeff seems like the kinda guy who wouldn’t mind sporting a pink tutu for the sake of a funny! Welcome JeffyPooBear.

Thanks everyone, I’m super excited to be part of Brittany’s team.
Sandra, you’re totally right. If I could get a laugh from wearing a pink tutu I would.

Anything for a chuckle. I got detention more than a few times for my antics.

Wait, men blog, too? Cool. The blogsphere I surf in is 99% women. Thanks for creating all those videos. I’m definitely checking out the videos on fixing the dishwasher.