Family Game Night Hack: How to “Pause” Monopoly

Family Game Night Hack How to Pause Monopoly

Hi everyone!  It’s Katie from Addicted 2 DIY again!  I have an easy and fun family game night hack to share with you that has helped us to enjoy one of our favorite board games until the very end!  We love to play Monopoly together as a family, but sometimes we don’t have the patience to stick it out until the end in one sitting.  We used to just slide the game to the end of our dining table and pick up where we thought we left off on another day.  I hated having to leave the game board out all of the time.  After being annoyed with it for too long, an idea popped into my head: ” We could actually “pause” the game.”  It’s so simple and it was one of those #facepalm moments where I wondered why I didn’t think of it sooner!  I even made up a printable that goes along with the idea.


  • Canvas or muslin drawstring bags
  • Heat transfer vinyl (or you can make a vinyl stencil)
  • Silhouette die cutting machine
  • Printer
  • Copy paper
  • Printable game position download


Pick up some canvas or muslin drawstring bags to store your game pieces.  Most craft stores carry then, but I picked these up at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon.


Measure your bags to figure out what size you need to cut your letters out.


If using heat transfer vinyl, cut the names out on your Silhouette or Cricut and weed the excess vinyl away.  I used the American Typewriter font for these bags.  Make sure you mirror the design before you cut!  Otherwise your names will be backwards when they’re ironed on. [Read more…]

DIY Owl Bookends

diy owl bookends

Pretty Handy readers Happy New Year!  Jaime here today from That’s My Letter to share how to make scrap wood DIY Owl Bookends.  It’s January and everyone is in cleaning, purging, and organizational mode.  While you’re cleaning out the scrap wood bin, save a few scraps to make these cute owl bookends. They are adorable and will help straighten up your bookshelf, too.

I used scrap wood pieces straight from my cut off bin to quickly put together these bookends.  These wood pieces happen to be different colors (some stained, some cedar, some painted) but you could easily use new lumber and paint the owls in fun colors.

owl bookends 1

This is a great gift idea for adults and kids alike!  I sent this pair off to my sister who happened to have an owl get down her chimney (someone left the flue open!) and was flying around in her house.

owl bookends 3

Below are the step-by-step instructions including materials and a cut list.  Always follow all safety precautions when using power tools.

owl bookend tml

Materials: [Read more…]

Melted Crayon Heart Valentines

After the abundance of candy and cookies consumed over the holidays, I cringe at the idea of more sweets finding their way into our home. Especially candy with artificial colored dyes added. Valentine’s Day and Halloween are the two holidays where I have to brace myself for the inevitable influx of dye-laden candies. I don’t have concrete proof, but I’m fairly certain that one of my sons has a dye sensitivity. This sensitivity manifests itself in behavior issues.

Because of this, I try to make Valentines that don’t use candies. Introducing Melted Crayon Heart Valentines!

For Halloween I give out chocolates instead of hard “colorful” candy. [Read more…]

Fabric and Wood Coasters

fabric & wood coasters

Pretty Handy readers we are nearing ever so close to the big day!  Jaime from That’s My Letter here today to share a quick and easy last minute gift idea.  These fabric and wood coasters add just a touch of holiday cheer to any coffee table and you just might already have the supplies on hand to make them!

fabric & wood coasters wrapped

All stacked up and tied together they make a great hostess gift or a charming diy gift anyone is sure to appreciate.

fabric & wood coasters 3

The plaid fabric is completely on trend this year as we are seeing plaid and tartan everywhere!  You could use nearly any fabric, this plaid happens to be a thicker woven cotton.

fabric & wood coasters 1

Below are the step-by-step instructions to make your own fabric and wood coasters.  Always use all safety precautions when operating power tools.


  • 4×4 wood post scrap (1/2″ thick for each coaster)
  • miter saw
  • measuring tape & pencil
  • sandpaper
  • fabric (4″ square for each coaster)
  • mod podge
  • paint brush
  • rotary cutter & self healing mat


Step 1: Mark the 4×4 post for a 1/2″ cut.  I recommend setting up a stop block (the 2×4 on the right in the picture below) and clamp it to your saw.  This stop block allows you to make multiple cuts of same length without having to re-measure and mark your wood every time.

fabric & wood coasters step 1

fabric & wood coasters cut complete

Step 2: Sand the edges of the wood cuts smooth.  Apply a generous layer of mod podge onto the wood and press fabric in place smoothing any wrinkles.  Let dry. [Read more…]

3 DIY Books for Holiday Gifts


I’m thrilled to share with you a selection of 3 DIY books this holiday season. If you are looking for ideas for someone on your gift list who: has children who love to create; loves rustic metal decor; or wants some simple ideas to love the home they are living in…I have the book for you!

Let’s start with C.R.A.F.T – Creating REALLY Awesome Free Things (affiliate link). This book by Jamie Dorobek was not a book I had originally planned on reviewing. But, when I opened the envelope and set the book on the counter it was instantly whisked away from me. My boys took the book and read it from front to back!

C.R.A.F.T. Book Review

Within 30 minutes, my oldest (a middle schooler) had already cut up a cereal box and was working on his own puzzle.

C.R.A.F.T. Book Review

C.R.A.F.T. Book Review

The next day, my 3rd grader had a playdate at our house. He and his friend asked for the materials to make their own Emoji masks. [Read more…]

50+ DIY Gift Ideas

50+ DIY Gift Ideas

Hello again, it’s Colleen from Just Paint It with another fabulous homemade gift collection. Today we have 50+ DIY Gifts for practically everyone on your list! This is a diverse group including painting, quick crafts, woodworking and so much more. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

Have fun checking these DIY Gifts out!

Washi Tape Gift IdeaWashi Tape Gift Idea


Spraypainted Bottle VasesSpraypainted Bottle Vases


Easy Pounded Flower Gift Ideas


Spoon Tealight CandleholderSpoon Tealight Candleholder


DIY Sconce HookDIY Sconce Hook


Wood Block Floating Picture Frames | Pretty Handy Girl
Wood Block Floating Frames [Read more…]

Personalized Wood Slice Coasters

Personalized Rustic coasters sawdust2stitches for

Today I have the ever fabulous and always vivacious Corey on stage. She will be sharing how to make these Personalized Wood Slice Coasters.

Rockstar DIY Series

Corey is the rockstar designer behind Sawdust 2 Stitches. As if you had any doubt, this girl is multi-talented with her building and sewing skills! You’ll definitely want to check out her amazing gallery of tutorials.

Hey, I think I hear a chainsaw? Take it from here Corey!


Hey all, this is Corey from Sawdust 2 Stitches. I am one of THOSE people, that when I get an idea, I run with it… and I run fast. One day I decided that I didn’t like the tree in our front yard. Long story short, I had a small supply of wood logs at my disposal.

As the Holiday Season is quickly approaching, I decided to slice up the stump and use them in a plethora of festive decor. One such idea was Personalized Wood Slice Coasters. These are great for anyone attending and/or hosting a holiday dinner! This little tutorial will have you prepared to make the atmosphere absolute perfection. Or if you are attending an event these would make thoughtful hosts gifts.

Rustic coasters sawdust2stitches for


  • Log or Wood Slices
  • Pencil
  • Fine Tip Sharpie
  • Poly Acrylic
  • Foam Brushes


As I stated earlier, I had wood logs at my disposal and I chose to slice them about 1/4″ thick on my compound saw. One thing to consider, if you are using fresh wood they will be undergoing a drying process for a few weeks, and they can crack! I had some of mine do this, but truth be told, I kind of liked it. It added a little character. However, if you would prefer them not crack-less variety there are ways to lessen the possibility. I have been told that if you store the wood slices in in a double bagged brown paper sacks, it will prevent them from drying to quickly. Simply open the bag every day to let in fresh air, and then reseal it.

HOWEVER if you don’t have time for that, many craft stores have wood slices available and ready to use.

wood slices

Once the slices are ready to use, I began by drawing on my design with a pencil first. ( If you hate your handwriting you can always use a stencil or transfer paper. ) [Read more…]

Halloween Canvas Door Decor

Canvas Halloween Door Decor

Today I have a special guest rockstar for you! Kim is here to show you how to whip up the quickest Canvas Halloween Door Decor.

Kim is the creative goddess behind Today’s Creative Life. She truly has an eye for the awesome. I mean have you seen her bathroom makeover for $110?

She effortlessly pairs colors and textures together in the blink of an eye. Get ready to learn how to make holiday decor as quick as a guitar riff.
Rockstar DIY Series

Welcome Kim, our next Rockstar to take the stage!


Hello Pretty Handy Girl readers! I’m thrilled to be hanging out at Brittany’s place today sharing a quick and original way to decorate for Halloween with this DIY Halloween Canvas Door Decor.

DIY Halloween Canvas Door Decor

Canvas Halloween Door Decor

If you follow Today’s Creative Life (formally Today’s Creative Blog), then you know I’m not talented like Brittany in the ways of building, but I sure do love me some quick and easy ways to bring more creativity to my home!

I share DIY Decor, DIY Projects and Recipes for families. You’ll find easy to follow tutorials for bringing creativity to your home and a lot more for holidays!

I’m always looking for something a little out of the ordinary for decorating my door for Halloween. Sure, I could just slap a wreath on the door and call it good, but that would be way to sensible.

Last year, I created a fun Halloween wreath from a ceiling medallion.

Fall Halloween Porch

I love the way it turned out and may use it for my Halloween mantel this year.

This year, my ideas kept coming back to using fabric or canvas somehow. My first idea was to use Iron On Transfers with the fabric from a drop cloth and then, I remembered I had some printable cotton canvas that was printer ready.

Halloween Door Decor


  • Printable Graphic (I used The Graphics Fairy)
  • Printable Cotton Canvas
  • Ribbon
  • Stick
  • Paper hole punch
  • Paper Trimmer


1. I found and downloaded the image I wanted from The Graphics Fairy, as I do for all my iron on transfer projects. She has just about any image you’d ever want for any time of year. Such a great resource.

2. I used PicMonkey to create the text and frame, but any photo editing tool would work. Of course you could just print the image only and keep it really simple.

3. I printed it on printable cotton canvas. This particular paper ended up having a self adhesive backing, so I just left the protective paper backing in place.

4. Using a paper trimmer, I trimmed the bottom.

5. I punched a hole in each upper corner with a paper hole punch.

6. I tied a coordinating ribbon to a stick from the yard (actually I broke it off my lilac bush) and called it good!

diy door decor for halloween

After I got it hung up and looked at it for a day or so, I think I may try to age it a bit for an older distressed look. You can do that easily by brushing on brewed tea and lying it out to dry.

diy halloween door decor

I like the way it looks. It’s original and can be used anywhere in the house. The possibilities are plenty!

Here’s more creative Halloween ideas from Today’s Creative Life.

Halloween Table Centerpiece |

DIY Halloween Table Decor

Halloween Spirit DIY Halloween Decorations | See more on

DIY Halloween Terrarium


Silhouette Cameo Halloween Decor | Easy DIY Home Decor projects on Simple Halloween Decor


Are you running off to make your own Halloween decor now? Me too! I hope you are enjoying the Rockstar DIY series and are ready for more talent next week.

Rockstar DIY Series

State Pride Magnetic Key Holder

State Pride Magnetic Key Holder

Today on the Rockstar DIY stage is Brad! Brad is our first guy rocker to join the tour. He has an amazing creative brain and woodworking skills that will blow your mind. Brad has created this State Pride Magnetic Key Holder for you to build. And if you look close you’ll notice that it’s magic because there are no hooks in sight!

I told you he’d blow your mind. Brad normally rocks on his home turf at FixThisBuildThat.

You may have seen his amazing Party Station recently. This cart comes complete with a spot for your beverage cooler, storage drawers and speakers. See, I told you he rocks!

Rockstar DIY Series

I hear the whine of the scroll saw now, so let’s give it up for Brad!


Hey, everyone! Like Brittany said, I’m Brad from My site is all about helping you with Woodworking & DIY Projects, Posts and Plans. And today I’m happy to be here on Pretty Handy Girl to show you how to make this fun State Pride Magnetic Key Holder. If you want to check out some of my other work you can see one of my most popular posts, the Adjustable Shoe Storage Bench.

I’ve always been in love with state signs and cut outs and I’ve made several large state signs. But I wanted do something smaller, and I also wanted to solve the issue of always looking for my keys. In my house finding a set of keys is a little like playing Marco Polo…except the keys don’t usually call back!

I had a really nice piece of figured walnut I wanted to use for something and that’s when it hit me. State sign + really nice wood + key holder = Awesome project. I’d seen some similar things around the interwebs so I knew the perfect project to solve my issue.

Here is what you’ll need for this project.


  • Approx 6″x6″ piece of 3/4″ wood (size varies by state)
  • 12 neodynium super magnets – 0.47″ dia x 0.10″ thick
  • Quick set epoxy
  • Picture hanger hardware
  • Spray adhesive
  • Jigsaw or scroll saw
  • Drill
  • 1/2″ forstner drill bit (brad point or twist will work too)
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain/Finish of your choice


Here is the piece of wood I started with. It is approximately 6″ by 6″ rough cut walnut that was just under 7/8″ thick. I had to do some serious sanding to this thing, but knew there was beautiful grain underneath to uncover.

State Pride Magnetic Key Holder

After a ton of sanding I got it down smooth to 3/4″ and here is what was underneath it…gorgeous! (I added a little mineral spirits to show off the grain)

State Pride Magnetic Key Holder

If you have a special small piece of wood this is the perfect project for it. If you don’t have any nice hardwoods laying around this could be your perfect chance to try working with walnut, cherry, maple, mahogany or something else. Go to your local woodworking or lumber store and see if they have any small offcuts. If you want to stay with wood from the home center then a 1×6 or 1×8 will do just fine as well.

I decided to use Ohio as my state for this project. My wife and I lived there for 13 years, but really it’s just because it fit way better on my board than Tennessee would have :) To get the state shape onto my wood I used a printed outline of Ohio. I found a site called Coloring Castle that has state outlines for kids to color. The outlines are softened a little so it was just what I wanted.

I copied the image of Ohio and pasted it into Powerpoint and sized the image until it fit my board the way I wanted it. You can use a host of different programs or photo editors to do this.

After I printed out the Ohio shape I decided to take a little creative license with the shape of the state. I wanted straight sides and didn’t want to mess with some of the more intricate tight curves like the peninsula up top. So I just drew in new lines where I wanted to cut. Empower yourself and redraw state lines as you see fit!

State Pride Magnetic Key Holder

Next you need to temporarily glue the outline to the wood. Cut the shape out leaving about 1/4″ around the edges. Then spray a light coating of spray adhesive onto the backside of the cutout. Don’t go crazy here or you won’t be able to get the paper off without scraping or sanding. Practicing with some scrap wood and paper will give you a feel for how sticky your specific spray adhesive is. [Read more…]

Pottery Barn Blue Textile Knockoff Art

Wall Art Pottery Barn  Knock Off

Today we have Roxanne taking over the Rockstar DIY stage! Roxanne is the knock off queen. She will be showing us how to create these beautiful knock off Pottery Barn Blue Textile prints for much less. If Roxanne sees something from a high end store, she has the super power to create a knock off for 1/10th the price or less! She recently knocked off a $695 Restoration Hardware capiz chandelier for only $52!

You can do the math, but I know that’s a real steal.

Roxanne from The Honeycomb Home

Roxanne, is the talented DIYer behind The Honeycomb Home blog. She can frequently be found turning her cookie cutter home into a beautiful home on a budget. Please welcome the dynamic Roxanne to the stage!

Rockstar DIY Series


I was recently browsing my favorite website, Pottery Barn, and noticed this set of beautiful Framed Blue Textile Art. I loved the wooden frames and the blue fabrics, but not the price! They sell for $169 for one, or $334 for the pair! I realized this would be very easy to knock-off for a fraction of that price.

PB framed textile art

To re-create this look, I ordered fabric samples from Calico Corners. To make this work, you will need the larger sized samples. Average size samples are usually around 5.5″ squared. The larger versions at Calico are 27″ X 18″. I always prefer to order the larger size because its hard to get a good sense of how it will look in the room from the small size. Here is a picture of the small sample versus the large.

Fabric Sizes

I found two beautiful wood frames at Michael’s, which are normally priced $29.99, I scored them on sale for $10 each, it was a steal! I bought them in size 16″ X 20″, which is a little smaller than the Pottery Barn frames. [Read more…]

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

If you follow home decor trends (or just love to add something different or vintage to your home), then a textile and macrame project is a perfect project to try.  If you think they are a nod to the 70’s, you are right but this macrame project is fresh and fun. And it will make a great addition to your home.

Today I have a quick and easy DIY macrame plant hanger to show you that can be customized by color and size. It’s also a new way to display plants instead of just putting them on a shelf or plant stand. Here’s how to make a DIY Macrame Plant Hanger.


DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

  • 50 feet of cotton or polyester clothesline
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Plant in a small pot or bowl
  • Small metal ring
  • Cup hook and anchor (Optional for hanging from the ceiling)


Open the clothesline and fold it in half three times so you have eight strands of clothesline of equal lengths. One end will have all of the ends still connected, and the other will have two looped ends and the two open ends of the clothesline.

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

[Read more…]

DIY Nautical Towel Rack

NauticalTowel Rack

The kids are back in school, but we still have plenty of hot summer weather here in Arizona. This means a lot of time by the pool.  My boys swim every single day, and always leave a pile of towels left in their wake.  I was tired of the towels and swim trunks piling up in their bathroom, so I decided it was time to make a designated place for them to hang everything to dry.  This DIY Nautical Towel Rack keeps their bathroom picked up and it adds a little fun nautical decor to the pool area, so it’s a win-win!


  • 1 – 1x6x8′ cedar board
  • 1 – 5 gallon paint stick
  • 1 roll of 1×2″ sisal rope (about 10 feet)
  • 6 coat hooks
  • Green Apple spray paint
  • acrylic paint in the color of your choice (I used Americana Bahama Blue)
  • Wood Glue
  • Super Glue
  • Staple Gun with 3/4″ staples
  • 1 yard of adhesive vinyl and transfer paper for the stencil
  • Die-cutting machine
  • 1 1/2″ hose clamps
  • 1/2″ self-tapping screws


Spray paint the coat hooks and set them aside to dry.


While the paint dries on the hooks, cut the cedar board into two 3′ sections.  (If you have a bigger family, you can always just cut it in half for a bigger towel rack. ) Cut the 5 gallon paint stick into three pieces to attach to the back.


Line up the boards and attach the paint sticks to the back using wood glue and staples.  If you don’t have a staple gun, a brad nailer with 3/4″ nails will work as well. [Read more…]

Cute Reversible Reusable Tote Bag Tutorial by Sawdust Girl

Reversible Tote Bag Tutorial by Sawdust Girl | Pretty Handy Girl

Are you enjoying Tote Week?!

Tote Week | Pretty Handy Girl

If you’re just joining in here’s the line up:

Today I have one of my closest friends and blogging buddies here. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, she’s the amazing, the incredible and the always vivacious Sandra from And she’s going to give you a tutorial for sewing those cute reversible and reusable tote bags!


Howdy Handy friends! I’m Sandra of Sawdust Girl – formerly Sawdust and Paper Scraps. I try to reduce, reuse and recycle anyway so this tutorial for reusable, reversible, ruffled totes is fitting. Don’t ya’ think? I like to use my totes as grocery bags and have given a pair of these as gifts along with a few reusable produce bags found at the dollar store.

Reversible Tote Bag Tutorial by Sawdust Girl | Pretty Handy Girl

I used an old sheet and a set of pillowcases to make mine but for a gift item, maybe use new fabric. If you look for sheets on clearance you can get a LOT of fabric for just a few dollars.

Reversible Tote Bag Tutorial by Sawdust Girl | Pretty Handy Girl

This is a really easy pattern that I made from looking at a canvas tote. (It fits perfectly on a standard pillowcase.)

*Seam allowance? I run the fabric along the right side of the foot. I think it’s a waste to take a wide allowance and then trim!


1. Use the same pattern for the bag and the liner. You could use the same fabric for both or mix it up for fun. I like to use 2 different fabrics so I can flip it inside out and have a totally different bag!

Reversible Tote Bag Tutorial by Sawdust Girl | Pretty Handy Girl

2. Sew all 4 pieces (excluding the bottom) together like this: front/side/back/side making one long piece of fabric.

Reversible Tote Bag Tutorial by Sawdust Girl | Pretty Handy Girl

3. If you are going to add any kind of embellishment, now is the time. I’m adding three rows of ruffles! [Read more…]

Upcycled Cabinet Door Chalkboard Art

Upcycled Cabinet Door Quote Art | Pretty Handy Girl

What do you do with an old cabinet door? Besides keep it with your wood scraps for ten years like I did (not recommended.) You can create pre-framed art! Today I have an easy Upcycled Cabinet Door Chalkboard Art project for you. If you have an old cabinet door, some paint, and a stencil, you can have yourself a unique and personalized art piece for your wall! Easy art!


Upcycled Cabinet Door Quote Art | Pretty Handy Girl

  • Cabinet door
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Foam brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Antiquing wax
  • Wax brush
  • Clean rag
  • Craft paint or chalky paint
  • Stencil brush
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Pencil
  • Stencil or cut vinyl

Optional: Stain and foam brush


Paint the inside panel of your cabinet door with chalkboard paint. After the paint has dried, lightly sand any imperfections. Apply a second coat, brushing the paint in the opposite direction as the first coat.

Upcycled Cabinet Door Quote Art | Pretty Handy Girl

If you have an unstained cabinet door, you may want to stain it for an aged look.

Upcycled Cabinet Door Quote Art | Pretty Handy Girl

Apply painter’s tape to the inside face of the cabinet door.

Upcycled Cabinet Door Quote Art | Pretty Handy Girl

Paint the frame portion of the cabinet door. Allow to dry and apply a second coat of paint. [Read more…]

DIY Feather Art

DIY Feather Art | Pretty Handy Girl

When I needed an extra piece of art for our living room gallery wall I created DIY Feather Art. You can create your own, but please purchase craft feathers, use fake feathers or paper feathers. (Per the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, it is illegal to collect feathers, nests and other anatomical parts of certain migratory birds.)


DIY Feather Art | Pretty Handy Girl

  • Rustic 1×4″ boards (I used pallet wood)
  • Wood yardstick or lattice boards
  • Watered down white paint
  • Paint brush
  • Clamp
  • Scissors
  • Kreg Jig
  • Pocket hole screws (1.25″)
  • Nylon line
  • Small drill bit
  • Drill
  • Staple gun
  • 1″ finish nails
  • Hammer or nailgun
  • Wood glue
  • Feathers
  • Pencil
  • D-ring picture hangers


Cut your 1×4″ boards to size (or select one board the size you want for your art background.) To connect the two boards, mark the location to drill pocket holes.

DIY Feather Art | Pretty Handy Girl

Use the Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes into the back of both boards.

DIY Feather Art | Pretty Handy Girl

Clamp the boards together and join them with 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws.

DIY Feather Art | Pretty Handy Girl

Flip the board over and paint it with watered down white paint for a white-washed look.

DIY Feather Art | Pretty Handy Girl

Mark the width of the white-washed board onto the yardstick. Cut two pieces the same length. [Read more…]

Death to Ugly Toys – DIY Tutorials for Quality Toys and Games

DIY Marble Toss Game | Pretty Handy Girl

This summer, parents are busy trying to keep their children busy with quality games and toys. Any seasoned parent knows that those electronic noise-maker toys have no place in a sane household. With this in mind, my friend Stefanie from Brooklyn Limestone has started a summer long series called “Die Ugly Toys Die.”

Die Ugly Toys Die

Every Thursday she’ll feature another DIY toy or game that you can make for your children. It’s time to get back to the basics and send those annoying and ugly toys off a cliff.

My tutorial for creating a DIY Marble Toss Game is starting the series today.

Click here to find the instructions to build your own. Then watch your kids have hours of fun challenging each other in a tossing game.

Be sure to check over at Brooklyn Limestone every Thursday for a new DIY toy or game.


20 Boredom Buster DIY Projects for Kids

20 Summer Boredom Busters for Kids | Pretty Handy Girl

The end of the school year has come and the quest to keep the kids entertained has started. With that in mind, I have 20 Boredom Buster DIY summer craft projects for you and your kids that will keep you busy this summer.


Summer Calendar & Bucket List


Thumbprint Pillow | Pretty Handy Girl

Kids’ Thumbprint Envelope Pillows



Melted Heart Crayons


Sunprints | Pretty Handy Girl

Sunprints (frame-worthy art)


DIY Magnets Noggin Characters | Pretty Handy Girl

DIY Character Magnets



Summer Garden Flag


Planning a beach vacation? Why not bring a few craft supplies to create some beach-themed crafts!

Writing Name in Sand Art | Pretty Handy Girl

Writing in the Sand Art


Sea Shell Memory Game | Pretty Handy Girl

Sea Shell Memory Game


Dragonfly Garden Decor using a Dollar Store Whisk and Skewer | Pretty Handy Girl

DIY Dragonfly from a Whisk and Skewer


block print tea towel

Potato Block Print Tea Towels



Easy Washi Tape Vases


how to make a yardstick star

DIY Yardstick Star


Spray-Dyed T-shirts | Pretty Handy Girl

Spray-dyed Shirts


Easy Decorated Chalkboard Clipboards | Pretty Handy Girl

Decorative Chalkboard Clipboards


Monster Dolls Designed and Made by Your Kids | Pretty Handy Girl

Kid Designed Monster Dolls



Indoor Hopscotch with Painter’s Tape



Wine Cork Animals



Doodle Shirts



Decorated Glass Jar Votives


Magnetic Mailbox Cover | Pretty Handy Girl

Custom Painted Magnetic Mailbox Covers 

Those ought to keep your kids busy for a little while and let you make summer memories that last forever. Happy Summer!


Little Playhouse for Ollie {Mystery Thrift Off}

Little Playhouse | Pretty Handy Girl

I love giving my boys creative freedom on projects. Frequently I let them have access to my scrap pile. Inevitably they build little houses for their stuffed animals. This little house was designed and painted by my 8 year old for Ollie (his little stuffed octopus.) I helped him build it. If you want to build a little playhouse for your child to paint, follow along.

Before we begin, I need to back up and tell you that this project is part of The Mystery Thrift Off.

#TheMysteryThriftOff is the brainchild of Lindsey from Better After. She chose a handful of people to take part in this challenge. After scouring her local thrift shops for ugly and hopeless items, she shipped off the chosen items to those of us in the challenge. I signed up—because frankly—I love a challenge. And, I love saving ugly items from the landfill. Be sure to see some of the other Mystery Thrift Off transformations at Better After and vote for your favorite.

But, when the box arrived from Lindsey, I was terrified to open it up! I mean what if she had sent me a ceramic scabies bear!  Yikes. You can imagine my relief when I opened the box to reveal this dated Christmas village.

Chalkboard Arrow Sign (Mystery Thrift Off) | Pretty Handy Girl

Not too bad looking is it.? Truth be told, it was falling apart and the colors were hunter green, colonial blue, mauve and fleshy tan.

Chalkboard Arrow Sign (Mystery Thrift Off) | Pretty Handy Girl

I quickly pulled the three houses apart and began to transform them into A Chalkboard Arrow Sign, a Housewarming Gift Caddy and the Little Playhouse I’m going to show you today.

I began by removing some of the embellishments.

Little Playhouse | Pretty Handy Girl

I saved them for a future project.

Chalkboard Arrow Sign (Mystery Thrift Off) | Pretty Handy Girl

Next I sanded off the glue.

Little Playhouse | Pretty Handy Girl

Here’s where you can pick up the tutorial. Start by cutting a house shape into a piece of plywood or scrap wood. Cut out a doorway (the Dremel Multi-Max worked perfect for this task.)

Little Playhouse | Pretty Handy Girl

Flip the house shape over and attach hinges to one side of the door and the house.

Little Playhouse | Pretty Handy Girl

Cut two pieces for the sides of the house (1″ x 4″ lumber) and a back piece the same height as the house front.

Little Playhouse | Pretty Handy Girl

Clamp the back of the house to a solid surface and attach the sides of the house with glue and finish nails. [Read more…]

Housewarming Gift Caddy {Mystery Thrift Off}

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Do you have a new neighbor or know someone who just moved? It’s time to celebrate with them by giving them a housewarming gift caddy! This is an easy gift tote that you can customize to any size you like. Plus, the recipient can use the caddy for storage or display after the gift has been enjoyed.

Before we begin, I need to back up and tell you that this project is part of The Mystery Thrift Off.

#TheMysteryThriftOff is the brainchild of Lindsey from Better After. She chose a handful of people to take part in this challenge. After scouring her local thrift shops for ugly and hopeless items, she shipped off the chosen items to those of us in the challenge. I signed up—because frankly—I love a challenge. And, I love saving ugly items from the landfill. Be sure to see some of the other Mystery Thrift Off transformations at Better After and vote for your favorite.

But, when the box arrived from Lindsey, I was terrified to open it up! I mean what if she had sent me a ceramic scabies bear!  Yikes. You can imagine my relief when I opened the box to reveal this dated Christmas village.

Chalkboard Arrow Sign (Mystery Thrift Off) | Pretty Handy Girl

Not too bad looking is it.? Truth be told, it was falling apart and the colors were hunter green, colonial blue, mauve and fleshy tan.

Chalkboard Arrow Sign (Mystery Thrift Off) | Pretty Handy Girl

I quickly pulled the three houses apart and began to transform them into A Chalkboard Arrow Sign, a Little Playhouse and the Housewarming Gift Caddy I’m going to show you today.

Before I got started, I removed some nails from the house on the right. And then I was ready to get building.

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Ready to create your own caddy? Let’s get to it.


  • 1″ x 6″ board
  • Wood glue
  • Finish nails
  • 1″ x 1″ square dowel
  • 1/2″ lattice trim (or other decorative trim)
  • 2″ screws
  • Spray primer
  • Paint (used Botanical Home Decor Paint)
  • Craft paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Patch-plus-primer
  • Putty knife
  • Sandpaper


Cut the 1″ x 6″ into 5 pieces:

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

  • 2 – 6″ x 15″sides
  • 1 – 6″ x 15″ base
  • 2 – 6″ x 11″ front & back pieces with a 45 degree corners cut into the tops

Add a line of glue along the bottom of the front and back of the caddy.  Attach them to the base with finish nails.

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Add a line of glue to cut ends of the sides and add a line of glue to the bottom of the sides.  Attach the front to the sides with finish nails. Repeat for the back piece.

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Attach the sides by nailing through the bottom and into the sides.

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Pre-drill a hole into each end of the 1″ x 1″ square dowel. Attach the square dowel to the top of the front and back pieces with the 2″ screws.

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

The completely assembled crate should look like this:

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Spray the caddy with spray primer inside and out.

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Paint caddy with a solid color first. (I used a new paint and love the texture and coverage. Botanicals Home Decor Paint in Peony went on smoothly like chalky paints.)

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Use the craft paints to paint details like windows, shutters and a door onto the front of the caddy. If you’re feeling truly artistic, you can paint the back too.

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Nail the lattice trim pieces to the sides of the caddy for a little decoration.

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Putty all nail holes.

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Sand the putty smooth after it has dried. Touch up paint the putty holes.

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Fill your caddy with wine, flowers, food or other goodies to celebrate the new homeowners.

Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

The recipient will be tickled pink. Haha, get it, a little pink house?


Make Your Own Monster Dolls

Monster Dolls Designed and Made by Your Kids | Pretty Handy Girl

Aren’t they cute?! Okay, they may have a few imperfections, but I don’t want to hear about it because my boys made them! That’s right my 4 and 7 year old boys made their own Monster Dolls. With a little help from me. It was a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon together.

My 7 year old really dove in and enjoyed every aspect of making his monster. He even used the sewing machine with my help. My 4 year old needed a bit more guidance and help. He was very tentative about the sewing machine, but I convinced him to push the pedal. After one time pushing it,  he was LOVING puttin’ the pedal to the metal! LOL!


Monster Dolls Designed and Made by Your Kids | Pretty Handy Girl

  • Fleece
  • Colored felt
  • Scissors
  • Vanishing sewing pen
  • Buttons
  • Colored thread
  • Poly-fill stuffing
  • Needles
  • Sharpie marker
  • Paper and pencil


Let your child draw their monster on a piece of paper.

Monster Dolls Designed and Made by Your Kids | Pretty Handy Girl

Help your child draw the outline of the monster onto the back side of the fleece. Explain that you might need to fatten up any skinny appendages so you can turn the monster right side out and stuff (him or her) after sewing.

Monster Dolls Designed and Made by Your Kids | Pretty Handy Girl

Pin two pieces of fleece together (right sides together.) Help your child cut out around the outline of the monster’s body. [Read more…]