Haven and the GMC Habitat House Makeover 2013



My goodness, it has been a whirlwind week for me. I left on Wednesday to head down to Atlanta, GA with my good friend Holly (of Storywood Designs). We rode in the lap of luxury in a swanky new 2014 GMC Acadia Denali! (My boys were in love with the new SUV. Especially the bluetooth headphones that let them listen to another radio station as Mama belted out the lyrics to “Blurred Lines.” I can’t blame them, singing is the one skill I don’t have.)

I was sponsored by GMC at Haven and they let me borrow the vehicle for the week. It’s a good thing we had the Acadia with loads of cargo space, because neither of us travel light. We even brought our own furniture:

bellhopOur bellhop barely skipped a beat as he loaded furniture onto the cart with our luggage.
(photo courtesy of Holly)

Holly and I didn’t waste a moment. We checked into the Grande Hyatt in Atlanta, spread out our ScothBlue Heavy Duty Non-Slip drop cloths and started transforming furniture: [Read more...]

The Southern Bloggers Conference – Oct. 12th and 13th


I’ve got some exciting news y’all! There’s a new blogger conference and it’s coming to my neck of the woods!

Mark your calendars! If you missed out on a blog conference earlier this year, or you’d love to attend one more, I’ve got great news. The Southern Bloggers’ Conference will be in Raleigh, NC, on October 12-13.

Have you been to a blogging conference yet? Or have you been to a huge conference where you felt overwhelmed? Either way, this conference will be the perfect fit of size, workshops, and ability to network. The Southern Bloggers Conference is guaranteed to be warm, friendly and open arms inviting. There are very limited tickets available (and more than half are already sold,) which means that you will get a chance to meet just about (if not all) of the bloggers attending! You can see some of them here.

I spent today with the organizers. These gals have thought of everything! You are not going to believe the workshops, the sponsors, the decorations, the fall decor contest and the swag bags.

The speakers are all top notch, I’ll let these names speak for themselves: [Read more...]

Haven 2012 and my trip to Atlanta


Top Row left to right: Kate, Diane, Erin, Rhoda, Sandra, Carrie, Jessica and Me
Second Row: Sherry & John from Young House Love, Ana White 

Remember when I told you how much I liked the SNAP Conference because it was more intimate and I felt like I belonged? Well, the same can be said for Haven! At just over 250 attendees it was easy to network and not feel frantic trying to find bloggers in your niche. I was overwhelmed by how many bloggers I knew once we did actually meet (Twitter and Instagram are great for pre-conference networking.) It truly is nice to finally put a real face with a blog.

Not only were the bloggers all in the same niche, but the sponsors were tailored to DIY blogs as well. No more walking around searching for a sponsor that I think I could work with. The sponsors at Haven were so generous for helping make the conference happen and for providing some really fabulous swag! A BIG thank you to: [Read more...]