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Photo by Anika Toro, Available for Purchase $15 in her Etsy Shop

Photo by Anika Toro, Available for Purchase $15 in her Etsy Shop

I have been surfing the blogosphere lately and there are some FANTASTIC tutorials being written on everything from crafting to home improvement tutorials. Hmmm, where have I seen projects like that before?

I’d love to give some other great DIY writers more exposure and share them with you. These caring people have a similar goal (to help others learn how to do it themselves!) So, if this sounds like you, keep reading.

I’d love to share one or two guest tutorials a month. I realize that not everyone is a blogger, but don’t let that discourage you. If you have completed a special project that you want to share, I’d be happy to accept your typed tutorial with photos and post it for you on

So, with this in mind, I’m calling all you DIYers:

  • Do you have a detailed (unpublished) tutorial to help someone complete their own project?
  • Do you have a wish to empower others?
  • Can you write a clear and detailed tutorial?
  • Can you take some good photos to illustrate the steps?
  • Do you have a unique craft to share or a home improvement or repair that you are willing to detail?

I’d love to introduce you and your blog (if you have one) to my readers. If you said yes to any of the above, I want to hear about your project.

Click here to submit your tutorial ideas.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of your projects!

*If you are a company or website owner looking for exposure, text links or increasing SEO, I’d be happy to send you my advertising rates. I only accept guest posts from bloggers or readers.


  1. Susan Denny says:

    Is there a product out there that you can paint over wallpaper, instead of tearing it down?

  2. Help:
    I recently moved into a basement apartment. I have read some of your posts. One of them seems like it would help in painting the ceiling a bright white if the homeowner allows me to). My problem is I have no light. Typical basement….3 small windows and one very odd door for access…..

    my windows are only 16 1/2 inches by 31 inches wide…….curtains are now on them…..need the sunlight but privacy……feel like a bat….what can I do? Want the sunlight and privacy. the door typical door…smaller than a regular basement door…but no outside door….so I can’t even keep door open for light…..can you help?

  3. another question….before i moved in the basement flooded….(all okay now)…however, she had everything fixed down the basement…waterproofed…..and everything….but, insurance money ran out……she promised before I moved in that I would have carpet…..its two months later and no carpet is here yet…..what is an inexpensive way to carpet the floor. any ideas….????

  4. another question:

    as i said, I live in a basement apartment….need to go down a few steps not many to get here…however, the concrete around the outside of the walkway, as well as the wall…is pealing and looks awful…..How do I fix this.???

    No lighting on outside of house…when I come home late at night, I can’t see……what can I do to increase lighting on the outside of my basement apartment so I can see when I get home? thank you

    • Joyce, congrats on your new apartment! I’m sure with a little TLC and intentional changes it will be dreamy!

      1. Regarding the amount of light. Make sure you have a floor lamp or two that will aim light up at the ceiling. Your ceiling (especially if it is smooth and bright white) will reflect light around the room. You can also buy plug in lights that can be hung from a hook from the ceiling. Big dome lights, little chandeliers, etc. Here is a quick article on adding a ceiling hook:

      Hanging or propping a big mirror across the room from your light source will also help to bounce the light around a little more.

      2. Buying area rugs (especially used ones from Craig’s List or thrift stores) is the cheapest alternative. But, you can also go to a carpet store and have them bind remnant pieces or wall-to-wall carpet to make it an area rug. And finally look into carpet tiles.

      3. If the paint is peeling, it is because moisture is getting into the concrete and getting the paint wet from the inside. I’m not sure, but you could try scraping it off and staining or apply a basement sealer and then paint on that? You might want to check with your local paint supplier.

  5. I love the look of the mudroom bench! I am having some night tables made and that is what i want to achieve with them. I can manage damaging them up like I want… but how you achieved the stain… can you give a few directions there?

  6. Jan Petersen says:

    I have a decorating question. My family room has a vaulted ceiling and I have no art work to put in it, however, my hubby likes to collect trees and then have them taken to a sawmill. (long story). He has several beautiful pieces of oak, cherry, cedar, etc that are very roughly sawn. Some have bark on them. Could I put these up as art work? The wood grain is gorgeous and I think it would pay homage to his tree climbing hobbies. How would I mount these, do I need to treat them or varnish them? Can’t seem to find pics anywhere with these ideas.
    Thankyou for your help,

    P.S. My friend Gail from myrepurposedlife made me a storage area out of doors, just like the one you built for your guest bedroom.

  7. I love the painting tips! Thanks! We always seem to be painting something around here too!
    This summer we actually tackled painting the outside of our 1950’s bungalow…Thankgoodness it’s one floor…but needed scaffold to paint to the top peaks on the ends of the house. I discovered, after painting for a little while that being up that high (only about 10 feet) isn’t a good idea for someone with balance & vertigo isssues! Didn’t even think about it until I started wobbling around up in the air…with a can of paint in my hand! Neighbours must have had a giggle at watching me try to get down off scaff. & onto laddler & safely back on the ground. Felt more like a deer on ice than a human on a ladder! Now it’s only “what I can reach” painting for me!

  8. I just read Brittany’s great article on replacing your dryer hose. I, unfortunately, live in one of those houses where the dryer is vented into the attic by the eve. Can someone tell if this can be changed? I could vent it into the garage, but that is the only place it could go other than the attic. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hannah, on our old house, we were able to route the duct down into the floor and through an overhanging soffit (the 2nd floor hung out 1 foot from the first floor on the front.) Walls and straight up are also options. Not sure if that’s an option. You may want to check with a handyman (or handywoman) to see if they have any good ideas.

  9. I absolutely love your talents. Wow! Awesome, you have inspired me.

  10. Cathy Byrne says:

    Just want to let you all know that now there is a water-based poly varnish that doesn’t add any plasticy sheen. Look for Varathane’s Soft Touch Matte Poly. It protects your painted work without any sheen at all. A really wonderful product in my book.

  11. While painting over wallpaper is a good short term solution, you will pay dearly in the future because the paint makes it much harder to remove the wallpaper. Think about removing wallpaper – you spray it with warm water to loosen it from the wall, but if there’s a paint barrier, the water won’t penetrate and do the trick.

    When I owned my handyman business, we looked at one house where the walls were paint over wallpaper. My technicians identified the problem & decided it would be easier to replace the drywall, than remove the wallpaper which will eventually start to peel & curl.

  12. Margaret Gutierrez says:

    wishing i had bought plant rack seen on your Joss & Main post, any way i can purchase now? It is 70+ inches tall, don’t recall all measurements but it is sizable. procrastinated too long over measurements and then the sale was over. can i still purchase it???

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