Art and Craft Studio using Flow Wall Reveal

Can I get a huge cheer and a big raise the roof sign on this project! This was the project that took FOREVER because of a few speed bumps: pneumonia, mono, water leak, mold growth, asbestos discovery, and finally being evacuated from our own house. Slowly but surely I was able to transform our bonus room into an amazingly creative art and craft studio for us to enjoy. I gave you the low down on how easy the Flow Wall was to install yesterday. But, I’ve been teasing you and I know you definitely want to see the after pictures.

Before you get the 10 cent tour, let’s take a look back in time at what the room used to look like:

And this was our art and craft storage before:

When we were creatively inspired, we usually used this space in the kitchen:

But, not anymore. Now we have one room dedicated to all our creative endeavors!

The left side of the half wall is outfitted with two Flow Wall wall cabinets, 3 decor shelves,  and 1/2 of an eight foot panel pack.

The decor shelves look stylish and hold all my paint brushes, some art books, and a few baskets for corralling unfinished projects.

Inside one of the cabinets are several bins (four small and two medium) for organizing craft supplies, crayons and markers. The fabulous thing about those bins is that the kids can remove them and set them where they are working. Hooray, I won’t ever have to pick up crayons or markers again (okay, that last statement might be a bit delusional.)

The other cabinet houses all our papers and more art supplies.

Did you see that glowing sign peeking in the picture? My good friend Holly came over on a day that I was feeling a little low and helped me install it.

It is truly the most inspiring message in the room, “create”.

When I need a little spirit boost, I just plug it in! The rope light sign also helps shed some light on the otherwise dark eaves of the half wall. Apparently, I’ve been puzzling the neighbors who can’t figure out what it says from the street.

My boys come in the studio and immediately turn on the sign and get creative. You know there’s a tutorial for creating your own rope light message sign.

Hey, lookey over there! An abundance of storage on the right side as well. Decor cubes and a variety of platinum decor bins flank two more wall cabinets. The bins can be removed or pulled out halfway and used as drawers while crafting.

It warms my heart to see my budding artists at work. I love that they are excited about making art. With the trend to pull arts from schools, I’m glad I can provide the boys with a space where they can flex those creative brain muscles. Have you read this article from Newsweek about the decline in creative thinking in America? It is a sad trend.

Two more decor shelves on top provide ample storage for craft scissors, pictures and rustic tool boxes.

The wall cabinets are the perfect width for a Silhouette Cameo cutter and my Epson color printer.

The Flow Wall truly offers more storage than you can shake a stick at ;-)!

Against the scrap wood wall, I put a kitchen table (a curbside find) and gave it a facelift.




It is the perfect spot to spread out and get your craft on. The light fixture was a 5 minute conversion kit from a recessed can light.

The table used to have a wood top and green legs, but with the help of a Royal Studio Design stencil and some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, it’s my new favorite table in our home. At long last, a tutorial for painting the table is now available.

I bought four small unfinished stools from Wayfair and painted them with chalk paint as well.

As you may remember, I already showed you how I created that faux zinc chalkboard cabinet in the corner.

The cabinet is the perfect height for paints, brushes and a palette when I’m inspired to paint. All my palettes, canvases, and watercolor paper fits inside.

There are two dormer windows in the studio, and each has a little half round table for impromptu still-lifes and painting inspiration. This little scalloped edge table was waiting patiently for me at SuzAnna’s when I led the thrifting tour in Raleigh.

Centered between the dormers, was just enough space for my drawing table. This was my first purchase after a large illustration job when I was a greeting card artist. I thought about getting rid of it, but I didn’t have the heart to sell it.

I’m glad I didn’t because the boys like to use it for drawing.  Of course, spinning on the weathered oak adjustable bar stool is fun too.

That completes the tour! I’m  really in love with our new art and craft studio. I had dreamed about building a little art studio shed in the backyard one day, but now I can cross that off my list.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated for my time and received the Flow Wall System compliments of Flow Wall. However, the ideas and words are all my own. I was not told what to write. I believe you have the right to know when a post is sponsored. Regardless of whether a post is sponsored or not, I believe in honesty, truthfulness, and complete transparency in my posts. In addition, there are a few affiliate links in this post. I receive a small commission if a purchase is made after clicking on them.


  1. This looks wonderful! I certainly appreciate how much time, effort, and headache this room has caused you. It is well worth it. It must feel so odd to have such a finished space compared to the kitchen. Good luck to you. I am more than impressed!

  2. i kind of really want this room. i kind of also would like to use a Flow Wall system in my laundry room, to freshen it up from being just another nasty corner of the basement.

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  6. I would put the flowwall to great use in my craftroom/sewing room! It would be perfect! So perfect I might have to do the laundry room too 😉

  7. Just wanted to comment on your beautiful craft room. I am Canadian so I am not eligible but I couldn’t not tell you how stunning your work table is. Also your drawing table is gorgeous. Good job Brittany! Cheers.

  8. Can’t wait for the rope light message tutorial! Awesome :)

  9. Brittany! I’ve been following you on Facebook and have been subscribed to your blog since May or June of this year. Awesome work! I love the Flow Wall system (following them on Facebook as well) and would install it in the Farm House where I do lots of my creating and repurposing! Ciao for now!

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  11. Oh, I forgot to say i would use the flow wall system in my sewing/craft room and get rid of all my mismatched stuff!

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    I would use my Flow Wall to organize my office/sewing area
    I mentioned the Flow Wall contest on my FB timeline (jjshomes4u)

    HOPE you choose me :)

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  14. Following you on Pinterest- will use the Flow System in my craft room which at the moment, looks like a bomb went off.

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  20. I would definitely use Flow Wall in my sewing/office area. As one other commenter said, get all the random “spots” of stuff together in one organized wall. It would be awesome!

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  23. I would use this system in my kids playroom to streamline everything just like yours.

  24. I follow you through Facebook. I really need this. We recently moved and have a huge basement that I’m trying to make into our play/school room. Totally need more organization!!! Don’t really have the money so it will just wait unless I’m lucky!

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  26. I would love to have this in my basement craft room! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  27. I need this so badly to use in our new home. I would use it in our basement that I’m trying to make our school/play/laundry room! I don’t have the extra money to do it like I would prefer so this would help greatly!!

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  30. I’d use this in my garage. It’s very tiny and isn’t well organized. This would go a long way to getting things in order.

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    I would use the Flow Wall at my daughter’s house for my grandchildren’s craft room. Thanks for the opportunity!

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    I would definitely use the Flow Wall in my Office/Playroom/Arts and Crafts Room. I am needing a stylish, simple, and functional organization system asap.

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  44. I would use this in my sewing room. It sure does need some organization.

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  46. I would use my Flow system in my jewelry/sewing/office room. Love it!

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  53. I would either use Flow Wall in my sewing room, or let my son have it in his small room to organize his legos and k’nex.

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  55. I follow you on pinterest and as an email follower. I would use these for our crafting area. You have done a great job. Very accessible and user friendly. :)

  56. This space is absolutely incredible!! Can I come over and craft with you guys? The rope lights on the wall is just the icing on the cake. And the organization – OMG – don’t get me started on that awesomesauce!!

  57. Cyndia Montgomery says:

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  58. I have the same little table in front of your dormer, but mine is black. I follow on Facebook and Pinterest. I would love to complete my little art area in my basement office; it is so in need of some organization.

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  63. Thank you for this give-away! I love your craft room and hope to have something like this someday. In my current space, would love to use the Flow Wall system in the garage–it needs help!

  64. Wow, you’re space looks fantastic! I’d love to use this in my den/craft room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Brittany – this is AWESOME! SUPER duper organized. I love it!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  66. I follow you on Facebook! And I would totally use this in my jewelry studio to organize tools and materials. :-)

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  71. I know just where I would install the Flow Wall system – in our former tiny little playroom! The kids are too big to play there much and all of the toys have found other children to love them, but I have been dreaming FOREVER of a spot for our science project materials! We are homeschooling and we do it on the kitchen table, which means every time we want to eat (a pretty regular habit of ours LOL) we have to shuffle the science experiment/project/math manipulatives down to the end of the table and clean it off for lunch. The children and I would love love love a dedicated storage spot!

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    Lisa K.

  75. Helen Tassara says:

    This space is amazing. I would love to have a flow wall for my basement.

  76. I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest and follow flow wall on Facebook.

    I would use this for my girls arts and crafts, I have a 2 yr old and 2 month old and slowly learning that
    The craft projects end up piling up on the kitchen table spewing out of drawers and once my 2 month old gets bigger it will get worse….eek. In serious need of organization!!!! I hope to win, happy thanksgiving gooble gooble!

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  80. I have an attic space that looks a lot like your bonus room . . . needs to be finished out and used for something because right now it is kind of a dumping ground . . . this would be a great solution to organizing the stuff in there and making the room useful. :)

  81. This is awesome. I would love to try it.

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  88. My husband would want it for board and video game storage but I’d want it for fabric and cross stitch storage! Wonder who would win 😉

  89. I died the minute I saw this post! How perfect is this Flow Wall!? I would LOVE to use it in my craft area. It’s half of our small upstairs area I share with my DJ husband! A big creative mess right now. I’m using diaper boxes on their sides organizing all of my yarn but that’s as far as I’ve got.

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  97. I sooo need this flow wall for my craft/ office/ kids and dogs playroom. It is a total disaster area. I really need to get it organized! This would be so great. Thank you for the chance to win. I enjoy your blog.

  98. Shelley Meyers says:

    I love this could so use this in my crafting room!!! thank you

  99. I’d use it in what’s laughingly called my ‘closet’. Trust me, you don’t want to see it as it is right now!

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  102. I would use this system in my office.

  103. I would use the Flow Wall in my “craft nook”. It’s this little space I have above the stairs on the second story of our home. Right now it’s pretty basic, just a desk and a storage piece from Ikea, but I think the Flow Wall would really help make the space more usable for my holiday crafting. Thanks for the chance, Brittany.

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    I would use the Flow Wall in my garage. A car has never seen the inside of this space, but more important I am trying to start a business to help out the family income and this would help with my supplies Thanks to you and FLOW WALL for a great give away. Bloggers are blessings.

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    I would use this in our “enclosed garage” we just moved into a house with one and that room is supposed to be my craft room but right now it is so unorganized because I just don’t know where to start! This would actually be a lot of help! Thanks for the giveaway and your room looks amazing!! I really love that table you found curbside!

  158. Sweet deal getting all that organizational furniture for FREE!! :) Seriously, your room is sooo peaceful. I could die in there and be in heaven. LOL

    Thrift Diving

  159. LOL, didn’t realize this was a contest. Okay, I follow you on all of them: FB, Pinterest, and Twitter. Oh, and Google plus.

  160. I would use this in my crafting room, which looks a hot mess right now. LO

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    I would love to own this system to use in my girls playroom to set up a craft station!

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    Oh how I love your room! I already follow you on pinterest. I would so love the flow wall for our bonus room! I am in the beginning stages of moving our “Make it Room” to the bonus room. I have 5 year old twins and they have called our craft room the “Make it Room” since they were 3 and able to make stuff in that room with me! It will always be called that instead of a craft room. Ironically my 3 kids and my first initials spell out MAKE!!!! Happy Thanksgiving and good luck to whoever wins.

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  182. We just closed a small business after almost 20 years of operation – and I’ve had to bring home a couple of truckloads of ‘stuff’. Hubs wants to pitch – I want to organize and use… right now we are tripping over it in the basement and garage. I also have a ton of craft stuff……. this system would go a long way towards helping me, not only make it more accessible – but show him that it can be used efficiently :)

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  192. You’ve got serious skills! Love this space – that zinc dresser, that wall, that create sign! I have an attic that needs a little fun – thanks for the inspiration! Pinning pretty much everything here!

  193. The room looks amazing and an inspirational space to anyone to go and be creative, if only I had that space!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  194. Man I would love to have a craft room like that, hell Id love to have a craft room, Id love to just have a silhouette portrait on a dining room table. Maybe someday. It’s a really lovely room.


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