Announcing the Winners!

photo credit: Michael Johnson – TheBusyBrain

Good Morning! We have ourselves some wieners!!! But, first I want to thank y’all for entering the giveaways. It was lots of fun reading your comments and suggestions. And now for our randomly chosen winners:


The Dremel Trio goes to……….JEWELLIE!!

Jewellie says: Dremel TRIO is a FUN and FABULOUS tool ‘cuz @PrettyHandyGirl says so! and she proved it with this awesome bookcase…so creative and what a good project to showcase all the cool things the Dremel trio does!!!

The $100 gift certificate for Talk for Invitations, Thank you Cards and the Madie Deluxe Mommy Bag winner is…….RENAE!!!!!!

Renae says: The race car invites are really cute and are right up our alley!

The Pretty Handy Girl in a Box (this box has gotten heavier over the week!) We have two winners……Jaime and Cherie!!!!!!
We have two winners because the chosen winner was Jaimie from Canada and I will be shipping her a lighter weight package.

Jaime says: I’m also a reader from Canada (taking my chances!). But, I love your blog for the simple reason of inspiring other women to get out there and create something!


So our runner up winner chosen at Random was: Cherie from Dragonfliez Creationz

Cherie says: I Facebooked the giveaway on both my Facebook page and my Blog Page Wont you come join me on Facebook?

New Sew Pillows from....PLACEMATS!!! by Cherie

Aren’t those pillows adorable! Cherie is one handy gal! Check out her blog.


The  very lucky Janimie Necklace winner is….ELIZABETH!!!!

Elizabeth says: Tweeted about the giveaway

Elizabeth from

In full disclosure, Elizabeth is my Shaklee rep., but honestly, the random generator chose her, and I’m thrilled for her because she is a really sweet lady and a loyal reader. Check out her Shaklee store here. I’m headed there myself to order some more laundry detergent for our HE washer. Love the scent of that stuff!

The Irwin Tools set goes to….JANET!!!!

Janet says: Boy would those plier have been nice when I had to change all the interior door knobs to key-lock knobs (son has autism, long story) and when I had to get the pump out of the washing machine. Now the saw would be great because I really want to start doing wood-stuff.

Janet, sounds like you’ve been busy. I know you’ll love these tools as much as I do.

The $50 to spend at Leen the Graphics Queen’s store goes to……Steph!!!!!

Steph says:!/DesMoinesDealin/status/83040315887464448
If you don’t read Twitter, translated it means she really loves Leen’s graphics!

She tweeted from @DesMoinesDealin:

Beautiful night street scene Steph!

AND last but not least, the Kilz Clean Start Primer Giveaway goes to……ERIN!!!!

Erin says: I have a slew of projects in the works, but I think the first project it would be used on would be a step stool for my kiddos. The cheap Ikea ones just aren’t holding up.

How fitting because yesterday was Erin’s 30th birthday! Happy Birthday to you little young’un.

Erin from Erins.Creative.Energy

Head over to Erin’s blog and wish her a Happy Birthday! She’s not only another June baby, but she’s also a very creative blogger at: Erins.Creative.Energy

Well, that’s it for now. I have lots of fun posts lined up for next week and a fun surprise, but I can’t tell you about it or it wouldn’t be a surprise ;-).


  1. Well, congrats to all the lucky winners of these great giveaways!!

  2. Thanks so much Brittany! It’s such an awesome birthday gift to win something I totally know I will use. You can ask my husband, I LOVE getting practical birthday gifts. Thanks for the giveaways and just because you can’t say it enough, Happy Birthday!

  3. Cindy S. says:

    Congrats to all the wieners!

  4. What a great giveaway! Thx Pretty Handy Girl for your great blogging and your generosity. And
    Congratulations to the Winners!! Enjoy your box of goodies!!

    All Best,

  5. James Hunter says:

    Congratulations to all Winners. What an awesome way of inspiration. Enjoy with the gifts.

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