A New Venture – Parentables

It is time to make a big announcement, do you have your horns and confetti ready?

I’ve been writing for Parentables which was just launched by the TLC television network. Parent-a-who? Parentables, it is a really cool new site that is full of posts from some truly awesome contributing writings (other bloggers that rock). And they are all geared towards you, the CHO (Chief Household Officer)! Whether you have kids or not, Parentables is a great location to learn and share information. There are articles on cooking, organizing your home, great vacations, home décor, craft, celebrity gossip and of course DIY projects! Want to learn more? Head on over to Parentables, “Like” them on Facebook, or “Follow” them on Twitter.

So, what does this means for you, the Pretty Handy Girl reader? Not much, you will still get approximately 3-4 posts a week from me. However, if that isn’t enough for you, I will also be sharing a couple of extra posts a month over there! I’m also hoping it empowers a few more people to try their own DIY projects.  So, we may see a few more followers over here (I hope you will welcome them with open arms.)

In the meantime, I’ve posted some oldies and some goodies on Parentables, so check ‘em out:

How I Learned to Fix, Repair, and Build Almost Anything (and You Can, Too!)

Reupholster dining chairs

How to Reupholster a Dining Chair (Even if You’re a Beginner)

Glass Magnets

How to Make DIY Glass Bead Magnets with Kids

mulch stone path

How to Build an Easy Mulch-and-Stone Pathway

How to Remove a Broken Bulb Safely

Essential Tools To Build Out Your Toolbox

On a side note, did anyone catch a peek at the Supermoon the other night? I brought the kids with me to the highest hill in Raleigh and we got to see it. Then I took a bunch of photos with my camera on the tripod sticking out the moonroof of my car. I’m sure I got some laughs from puzzled drivers. But, hey, what can I say, I’m crazy like that. Here is the best picture I got, it is kind of fuzzy because of the cloud cover:

Super “Cool” Moon


  1. Yeah! Tooting my kazoo and throwing confetti! Congrats girl. (And that supermoon pic is awesome!)

  2. WOOT WOOT!! TOOT TOOT!! So excited for you!! That is huge!! :) :) Congrats!
    and thanks for the Supermoon picture for those of us who didn’t get to see it (aka-forgot)

  3. Well Congrats!
    And the super moon was awesome, though I only got to see the very beginning and then I went to bed as Point and shoots dont work very well on taking night pics.

  4. Thats awesome! Congrats

  5. Super congrats Brittany!!! That is awesome!

  6. Your Momma is Super Proud too!

  7. That is so awesome! Congrats! I love the fabric that you picked for the chairs. I got one of those exact same kind of chairs for free that needed some desperate TLC, and it was really fun to fix up. I really love your finished table and chairs project. It looks a lot like what I want my table and chairs project to look like when I am done, so I am especially glad that I love the way it looks!

  8. Congrats on the new opportunity! I was wondering when you’d get ‘the call.’ Your info is awesome!


  9. YEA~~~congrats to you!!! :)

  10. Congratulations! Nice to see new opportunities opening up for you. Well deserved.

  11. Can you post the actual website to Parentables ~ my computer is blocking it for some reason….and I don’t know how to “unblock” it!! thx :)

  12. Never mind……..it worked finally!! :)

  13. 1) Super awesome!! 2) The moon was great wasn’t it? 3) I never knew you live in Raleigh! We live in Jacksonville! (Like 2 hours away from you… but still!! LOL)

  14. you are a super cool mom for taking your boys to see it!! We too went out and wondered at it :)

  15. That is awesome. I love your Mom’s supportive comment. You’re sure to have a fan club following you to their site. I am so happy for you! Fling that door to opportunity open and jump right in with both feet. You’re the PHG to do it too. Enjoy your time in the spotlight as you deserve it.

  16. Super congrats! How exciting!! And thanks for the sweet comment on my yellow and turquoise wreath! I like how the frame turned out too and keep going in and staring at it! Hope you get to visit again soon! have a great day!

  17. I just checked out Parentables – that is a nice site. Congrats! It’s so great when what we do is valued on so many levels.
    Wondering if you would ever share a post on your worst DIY ever? Pictures of things that went really wrong?

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