A Little Grass Education for Me from Pennington Seed

I’m headed out early tomorrow morning to Portland, OR.

Yup, across the great US to the West Coast. Luckily I’m not afraid of flying, but honestly I’m not good at travelling more than a few times a year. I feel like I just got back from Blissdom. But, I couldn’t turn down this opportunity. It’s for my childrens’ sake. They live in a house that has a backyard that looks like this:

We have some of that good ole’ North Carolina red clay that deprives grass of water and nutrients.

I’m in serious need of some lessons on how to grow grass and help improve my kids’ play area. Okay, truth be told, I also want to go so I can put an end to the red clay tracks that they bring inside after playing in the backyard. Selfish reason — I know, but can you blame me?!

The good folks at Pennington Seed have decided to take myself and a few other DIY bloggers under their wing to teach us about grass seed.


Believe me, I will be asking lots of questions about how we can have something that looks a little more like this:

Definitely leave me a comment letting me know if you have any questions for the grass guru. I’ll try to get the inside scoop for ya’. 😉


  1. Shut up! I wish I was with you, because I live in Florida and our grass is not grass, but weeds and crabgrass. Ugh! I hope you learn a lot and give us the load down on growing better grass. Have a fun.


  2. If you miss the pre emergent weed killer application every year like I seem to is there any hope?!

  3. Now that’s a class I’d love to attend. I’ve been trying to get grass to grow in our very shady yard since we moved here 6 years ago. I can’t wait for your tips. Enjoy yourself.

  4. Oh Brittany where do I begin? My lawn, aka weed garden, is horrible. I want to know how often & when to do things: seeding, fertilizing, weed control, etc., the whole year long process.

  5. Brittany I live in NC and have that same law.
    I’d like to know how to keep it from turning into dirt patches by the end of every hot summer.
    We have to reseed every year.

  6. Brittany, you will love Portland and the weather in the Pacific NW is beautiful today. Bon voyage!

  7. Is there any grass that grows in shade?????????

  8. Sounds like a wonderful seminar. My questions:

    1. What’s the best way to reseed lawn using fescue grass?

    2. What season is best for growing grass?


  9. Cindy Sue says:

    WOW! I’m soooo jealous. How cool is this?!
    My question:
    We live in middle Ten. and although Bermuda grass seems to do better here because of the heat, what other kinds of grass seeds could we use to make it NOT look dead in the winter months?
    Hope you have a fantastic time! and come home w/ free products!

  10. Please let us know what you find out. I live in Raleigh and the soil here is just dreadful especially since they remove the topsoil when they build houses. My backyard has shady areas that are sparse and the full sun parts are full of weeds. HELP!

  11. Have fun in Oregon! I am just 2 hours south of Portland, and will be there on Saturday! I would have loved to meet up with you and Sandra tomorrow night for GNO, but I will miss you by a couple hours!

    Have a blast, the sun is shining bright here today!!

  12. Is there any blade grasses that will survive and thrive in Houston? I HATE St. Augustine and Bermuda grass. My lawn is patchy and I need something to help fill it in…and if it killed off the crap they call grass down here, that would be even better.

  13. Let us know what you learn. Down/over here in West Texas, our grass is dying as I type. And the weeds are taking over! Of course, the drought doesn’t help!
    Seriously, share all you learn! :)

    Have a wonderful time learning lots and soaking up that Oregon beauty!

    Laura D.

  14. What a cool opportunity. Tweeted that I wished I was going to – surely Pennington has a product that can compete with the PNW moss and the puppy loving going on in our backyard. We live on a golf course so our grass mishaps look all the worse backed up against the 9th hole.

  15. I live in Northern California (the desert part) and was curious about when the best time to overseed or patch thin spots in the lawn would be. Because the heat of the summer fries everything to a crisp I thought spring would be a bad time to start “baby grass”? So when do you do it? We never get a hard freeze so is the fall the best time? It seems like the same sections of my lawn die every year, and I am not sure I am overseeding correctly!

    Thanks for any advice!

    Good luck Brittany with the lawn. When we lived in Durham the only thing that saved us was watering watering watering.. Maybe installing an irrigation system would be a fun little DIY project! 😀

  16. We are in PA where the weather is very unpredictable. Sometimes our grass grows a foot in 2 weeks other times Nothing. We also have 2 dogs that have a few places where they have killed the Grass. What’s the best way to keep our lawn beautiful? Is there a better seed for people with pets?

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