PB Teen Inspired Jewelry Organizer

How to build a DIY Pottery Barn Teen-inspired Monogram Jewelry Storage

Today, I’m super excited to have Jen Woodhouse here to present the tutorial to make this Pottery Barn Teen Inspired Jewelry Organizer.

Jen is the creative muscle behind The House of Wood. She recently knocked my socks off with this West Elm Inspired Queen Bed.

And let me tell you, besides being a kick ass builder and crafter, she can sign! Whoa, can she sing. But, today we’ll find out if she can sing and build at the same time!

Rockstar DIY Series

So, put your hands together and let’s hear it for our next Rockstar to take the stage! Take it away Jen.


Hi Pretty Handy Friends! Jen Woodhouse from The House of Wood here, thrilled to be hanging out with y’all today, sharing my PB Teen-inspired monogram wall jewelry storage. While flipping through the PB Teen catalog, I spied this pretty jewelry organizer and instantly thought, “I bet I could make that!”

So I did.
The End.

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Only kidding. I’ve got you covered with free plans and a tutorial so you can build it yourself!

Click here to download the PDF plans for this PB Teen-Inspired Monogram Wall Jewelry Storage.

How to build a DIY PB Teen-inspired Monogram Jewelry Wall Organizer
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I’ve gotten pretty handy (see what I did there?) at using a jigsaw because I sell these custom wood name signs in my Etsy shop, so I knew cutting out the monogram wouldn’t be too difficult. It was a bit time-consuming, especially because I had to break out the scroll saw for those teeny tiny spaces, where my jigsaw blade wouldn’t fit. As you can see, I am less adept at using a scroll saw.

Then I dug through my scrap wood pile and found a few 1×2 boards, which I planed down to 1/2″ thickness, to match the thickness of the plywood. I used only wood glue to construct this entire thing – no screws or nails! Cut, join, glue, clamp, and dry.

Then I picked up a couple packages of wooden pegs, round wooden balls, and a 3/8″ wooden dowel at the home improvement store. I found it in the hardware section, where all the different types of screws and fasteners are kept in those long metal drawers.

Next, I made a drilling template out of a piece of scrap wood, so that my drill holes would be evenly spaced and perfectly aligned. I used a 3/32″ drill bit for the small earring holes and a 13/64″ drill bit for the wooden pegs then hammered the pegs into place. [Continue reading…]

How to Caulk Like a Pro

How to Caulk Like a Pro

Knowing how to caulk is a valuable DIY skill. A good looking caulk bead can turn a mediocre trim job into one that looks like a professional installed it. Replacing caulking around your home can also help you save money on heating and cooling. Replacing cracked and worn caulk in your bathroom and kitchen will help protect your home from mold, mildew and water damage.


Today is your day to learn How to Caulk Like a Pro! I worked with GE Sealants to create two posts that will help you bring your “A” game next time you need to spread a clean bead of caulk.


That’s it, just two simple tutorials to help you Caulk Like a Pro. See you over there!


Disclosure: I partnered with GE Caulk to bring you this post. I have been compensated for my tutorials written for the CaulkYourHome.com website.

DIY Courage Chat with Special Guest Carley Eisenberg


What DIY project really causes you to stop and doubt yourself? Is it working with a power tool? Or maybe working with FIRE? Oh yes, that is one DIY skill I haven’t mastered yet. Well guess what? We have the red hot designer and blacksmith Carley Eisenberg joining us for tomorrow night’s #DIYCourage Twitter chat! Carley is sure to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone.

Carley competed on Ellen’s Design Challenge in 2014. When you see some of her furniture and home pieces, it’s very obvious why she caught Ellen’s eye.

Check out Carley’s Etsy shop, Iron Mountain Forge, to see some of her art.

The DIYCourage twitter chat will be hosted this month by Sara Bendrick and Theresa Clement from My Fix It Up Life, while I’m recovering from sinus surgery. I may just pop in and surprise everyone (we’ll see.)


Be sure to join us on Monday, October 5th at 5:30pm PST/ 8:30pm EST for another exciting and empowering #DIYCourage chat!



State Pride Magnetic Key Holder

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DIY Spider Stool

spider stool 1

Today on the Rockstar DIY stage is Jaime and she’s back with an encore performance. Today she’ll be showing us how make this adorable DIY Spider Stool.   I have a spooky little spider project today being that Halloween is on the horizon.  I’m Jaime from That’s My Letter and I’ll show you how to build […]

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Pottery Barn Blue Textile Knockoff Art

Roxanne from The Honeycomb Home

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DIY Rustic Wood Lanterns

DIY Rustic Wood Lanterns

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Refinishing a Mid-Century Sideboard


Have you ever turned down a piece of furniture that looks ruined? Aha, today’s rocker is Emily and she has the superpower to make furniture look brand new again!  On the Rockstar DIY stage today is a performance you won’t forget. Emily will single-handedly take you through the steps of Refinishing a Mid-Century Sideboard. If you haven’t met […]

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24 Fabulously Creative Fall Wreaths

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West Elm Inspired Wood Framed Mirror

Kim Six

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Framed Wall Quilt

wall quilt layout

Today on the Rockstar DIY stage is Jaime, with the tutorial to make this drop dead gorgeous Framed Wall Quilt. If you can sew a straight line I promise you can make this framed wall quilt.  You all are familiar with Jaime from That’s My Letter, I’m sure! She’s one of the regular band members […]

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DIY Pallet Slat Bin

A DIY Pallet Slat Bin makes a hanging display box or centerpiece. Today on the Rockstar DIY stage is Karah, with the tutorial to make this beautiful pallet bin. If you haven’t met Karah yet, I know you’ll be fast friends. Karah blogs at the space between. Both Karah & I love serious DIY. We both grew up in houses that […]

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Rockstar DIY Series

Rockstar DIY Series

I’m sending PrettyHandyGirl.com on tour! We will be traveling the country and beyond to gather DIY tutorials from a selection of the most talented DIY Bloggers on earth. I am super excited to introduce to you these 15 Rockstar DIY bloggers who will be sharing their talents with you! Are you ready for the awesomeness? Well, get your ear […]

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Upcycled Magnetic Chalkboard Frame

Upcycled Magnetic Chalkboard Frame | Pretty Handy Girl

Earlier in the week, I showed you the changes I made in my oldest son’s bedroom. One of the switches I made was to replace his bedroom door (tutorial to come) because the old one had cracked after one too many slammings. Ugh, cheap hollow door. In an effort to keep my son from taping all types of […]

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Raleigh Home Show Announcement

Downtown Raleigh Home Show

I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at the Downtown Raleigh Home Show this coming weekend! If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area, come on out and learn 15 Things You Can DIY to Increase Your Home Value! I’ll be speaking on the main stage at 1pm on Friday, 4pm on Saturday and […]

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Dress Up Standard Door Mirror with READYFrame + Giveaway

Install a ReadyMade Mirror Frame on Door | Pretty Handy Girl

You guys, I can’t believe I have a middle schooler. I know, I know, I’ve been having a pity party for myself for two weeks. But, I’m finally coming to terms with it. This past week, I helped Handy Boy #1 de-clutter his room and carve out a space for him to do his homework […]

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La-Z-Boy celebrates the #MomFail with a One Day Giveaway

#MomFail Giveaway | PrettyHandyGirl

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Easy Clipboard Stand

Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

Today’s project is so easy, I named it the Easy Clipboard Stand (catchy name, no?) This is a great way to upcycle an old clipboard and a scrap 2×4. This clipboard stand is super versatile. It can be used as a traditional stand for announcements; a copy stand; a recipe holder; an art frame or anything […]

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DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

If you follow home decor trends (or just love to add something different or vintage to your home), then a textile and macrame project is a perfect project to try.  If you think they are a nod to the 70’s, you are right but this macrame project is fresh and fun. And it will make a great addition to […]

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