Vintage Farm Weekly Meal Planner {Free Printable}


Last week as I was showing you our new Family Organization Center Door, you probably saw this cute Vintage Farm Weekly Meal Planner:

Family Organization Door | Pretty Handy Girl

I created this re-useable meal planner with some beautiful vintage graphics from The Graphics Fairy. She has an entire library of vintage images in black and white and color! Including these images I used: pigs, chickens, metal framebanner scroll. The menu fits in the Organization Door behind the glass so we can use it like a dry erase board.

Want one for yourself? I’d love to share the menu planner with you.

Download Your Vintage Farm Menu Planner Here!

Have a great week!


How to Refinish Wood Floors without Sanding

How to Refinish Wood Floors without Sanding | Pretty Handy Girl

I love our antique heart pine floors! They are beautifully distressed. The round pegs and square nails securing them in place add loads of character. However, the square nails sit flush with the surface preventing us from ever being able to refinish them with a sander. The nails would tear up the sandpaper in no time. But, that’s no problem because I know a way to Refinish Wood Floors without Sanding!


***Psst, you’ll want to read to the end of this post to enter for the chance to win a year of cleaning services for your home and the Grand Prize: a trip for 4 to Hawaii!***


How to Refinish Wood Floors without Sanding | Pretty Handy Girl

From time to time, our floors start to look dull…

How to Refinish Wood Floors without Sanding | Pretty Handy Girl

…and the scratches are more noticeable. This is when I know it’s time to refinish them.

How to Refinish Wood Floors without Sanding | Pretty Handy Girl

The first time I refinished our floors, it was several years ago when we were painting the office and dining room. I decided to try to refinish the floors because the rooms were already devoid of furniture. Several neighbors had recommended Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Bona® Hardwood Floor Polish. I was skeptical, but the results were beautiful floors that had luster, but still showed their beautiful age.

Before and After Finishing Wood Floors without Sanding | Pretty Handy Girl

The Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner did a fabulous job of cleaning the floor without damaging them. And, the Bona® Hardwood Floor Polish provided a strong finish without any waxy build up. The high gloss protective layer adds some shine, but isn’t overly shiny. The polish also fills micro-scratches, evening out the appearance of the floor.

How to Refinish Wood Floors without Sanding | Pretty Handy Girl

Fast forward to this past week when Bona asked me to write a sponsored post for them, I jumped for joy because I already use and love the Bona® Hardwood Floor Products! (Here’s my full disclosure: Yes, this is a sponsored post. No, I was not told what to write. And yes, I probably would have blogged about my experiences using Bona® Hardwood Floor Products at some point anyway. Win-win.)

I highly recommend trying the combo of the Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner and the Bona® Hardwood Floor Polish before spending huge amounts of money to have your floors refinished. And to sweeten the deal, here’s the link to save $3 off your purchase of a Bona product(Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner & Polish will not work on floors that have an oil or wax coating. Test in an inconspicuous area to be sure it will work for your floors.)

Here’s how to Refinish Your Wood Floors without Sanding:

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Instructions for Cleaning the Wood Floors:

Remove all rugs and furniture from the room. If you have heavy furniture pieces that are never moved, you can leave them in place.

How to Refinish Wood Floors without Sanding | Pretty Handy Girl

Vacuum or sweep the floors to remove all dirt and debris.

How to Refinish Wood Floors without Sanding | Pretty Handy Girl

Assemble your Bona® Hardwood Floor Spray Mop as shown here: [Continue reading…]

Inexpensive Faux Copper and Patina Metal


Do you love the look of copper, but the price makes your head whip the other way? Have no fear my dear! You can create inexpensive faux copper and patina for a fraction of the cost.

I was introduced to Modern Masters Metal Effects at Haven last year and the finish definitely fooled me. I honestly thought it was real copper. When I read up on the product, I realized that there are real copper particles in the paint which allows it to react and patina with the Metal Effects Green Patina Solution.

Inexpensive Faux Copper and Patina Metal | Pretty Handy Girl

The uses for this paint are limitless! Discount light fixtures can be transformed into luxury copper versions with a little paint and patina spray. Paint inexpensive statues to look like real metal. Even Virgin Records and Ceasar’s Palace have used the paint and patina on exterior roof surfaces to fake the look. You may have seen the copper panel on our family organization center door. Today I want to show you how to create Inexpensive Copper Metal and Patina using Metal Effects!

Family Organization Door | Pretty Handy Girl

(Contains affiliate links)

Inexpensive Faux Copper and Patina Metal | Pretty Handy Girl

Optional: Sea sponge


Cut your piece of sheet metal to size using tin snips.  Be sure to wear work gloves to avoid cutting yourself on the metal. Wipe off any dirt or grease.

Inexpensive Faux Copper and Patina Metal | Pretty Handy Girl

Coat the metal with one coat of primer. Let it dry and apply a second coat of primer.

Inexpensive Faux Copper and Patina Metal | Pretty Handy Girl

After the primer has dried, add one coat of the Metal Effects copper paint. After that dries, add a second coat. [Continue reading…]

Build a Wood Plank Desktop For About $40

Build a Wood Plank Desktop for about $40

Hey there, everyone!  I’m Katie from Addicted 2 DIY.  I’m so, so excited to be here today sharing this simple — and most importantly — inexpensive way to update a desk!  I’m in the middle of updating our den/kid’s office space and one of the biggest things that had to go was the awful eyesore my boys used […]

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If I Could Clone Myself


Do you ever wish you could clone yourself? Me? Every. Single. Day! I think I may have found my clone online. Her name is Katie instead of Brittany. But, she loves to DIY, she has two boys, she likes to build bathroom vanities… and kitchen islands. She likes to craft, she loves coffee and she loves to […]

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Family Organization Center Door

Family Organization Door | Pretty Handy Girl

It’s hard to stay organized when you are a DIY blogger, Mom, wife, cook, cleaner, taxi driver, and a student (taking evening classes for the general contractor exam.) I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve dropped a few balls in this massive juggling act. But, I strive to improve and part of that effort involved hanging […]

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Wood & Copper Cake Stand

wood cake stand 1

Hello Pretty Handy Readers – Jaime here today from That’s My Letter to share a diy project that combines two of my favorite materials: wood and copper. I’m sharing how to make this wood and copper cake stand. This is a fairly simple project that could be tailored to fit your style with paint or […]

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Rustic Pallet Serving Tray

Rustic Pallet Serving Tray | Pretty Handy Girl

I’m in Dallas for a few days with my sister, working on creating a Bali-themed dream deck for Thompson’s WaterSeal. We shopped for a lot of the accessories ahead of time, but had a hard time putting our hands on a perfect Bali-esque tray. Sometimes, you just have to DIY it! This Rustic Pallet Serving […]

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Hidden Storage Under a Laundry Room Sink

Laundry Room Sink Skirt | Pretty Handy Girl

Having a utility sink in the laundry room rocks! Having everything that we store underneath it on full display isn’t so rockin’. It was time to create some Hidden Storage Under our Laundry Room Sink. In the previous incarnation of our laundry room I had hot glued a skirt onto the sink. But, it was […]

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How to Install a Towel Bar Securely

How to Securely Install a Towel Bar | Pretty Handy Girl

Have you ever reached for a towel and realized that the towel bar was barely secured to the wall? Installing a New Towel Bar Securely is a fairly simple DIY task if you know how to anchor the brackets. As part of my little laundry room refresh, I decided to replace the dated brass towel […]

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Tile Setting Marble Tiles without Thinset Mortar

clean wall with TSP

You may remember years ago when I installed Smart Tile adhesive tiles in our laundry room. Well, truth be told, they weren’t looking so smart after 3 years and a water leak. I had a few leftover marble subway tiles from our kitchen backsplash and decided to use them to freshen up the laundry room. […]

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Heart Shaped Topiary

Heart Shaped Topiary | Pretty Handy Girl

The season of love is upon us. Have you embraced it? Or are you struggling to find something cute but not cutesy. Or something non-red or pink? Today I have a tutorial to show  you how easy it is to create a heart shaped topiary. Keep it for yourself or give it to the one […]

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How to Mount Antlers

How ot Mount Antlers

Hello! It’s Jessica from Decor Adventures.  One very popular home decor item that we are going to get pretty handy with this month is antlers. If you love rustic or outdoor style, this project is perfect for you. You’ll see all kinds of animal antlers on walls or holding jewelry or scarves. They can be […]

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Painted Chandelier Sleeves

Painted Chandelier Sleeves | Pretty Handy Girl

When you were perusing my holiday tablescape post did you see my fancy copper chandelier sleeves? My chandelier was looking a bit dingy with the aged yellowing sleeves. I decided to spray paint them copper for a new look. To update chandelier sleeves, you can paint them any color you like. Simply remove the light bulbs. […]

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Auto Cup Holder Extender

Auto Cup Holder Extender | Pretty Handy Girl

Do you have a solid cup holder in your car that doesn’t hold all size bottles and cups? The console cup holder in our older Honda CRV has been a constant source of frustration for myself and Pretty Handsome Guy. When we drive around a corner the larger water bottles will inevitably tumble. Finally, I […]

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Cute Sock Snowmen

Cute Sock Snowmen | Pretty Handy Girl

I have a very special guest for you today. This woman is a very talented artist and art instructor in Northern Virginia. She is the one responsible for my artistic genes and half the equation for my DIY passion. This woman is my fabulous mother, Shari! (She’s also affectionately referred to as Grammy Mac in our […]

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Quick Kitchen Cart Makeover with BB Frösch Chalk Powder

Quick Kitchen Cart Makeover with BB Frösh Chalk Paint Powder

It seems I have a penchant for painting my late grandmother’s old furniture. You may remember the coffee table I wrote on of her’s. This kitchen cart was Grandma’s, but it had seen better days. It has been hanging out in my Dad’s kitchen for years now. My sister Caitlin decided to rope me into giving this […]

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Please Help with my La-Z-Boy Design Decisions

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

Remember when I admitted to you that we sit on a dead couple’s sofa? I’m ashamed to admit it, but Pretty Handsome Guy and I have the same sofa that was handed down to us by my godfather when his parent’s died. Several years ago I agreed to stop bringing home inexpensive big furniture pieces. Instead, […]

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How to Clean a Stinky Boys’ Bathroom (as if a Magazine Photographer was Coming!)


I AM SO EXCITED! Remember when I was slaving away on our kitchen on my hands and knees? While I was in the trenches of DIY, one thing kept me going steady (besides the extra doses of Advil.) It was the dream of having our home featured in a magazine. Well, that dream became reality […]

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Leather Heart Necklace

leather heart necklace step 1

Hello Pretty Handy Readers!  We survived the holidays! Yes, January can be quiet but February will be here before you know it and that means Valentine’s Day. Jaime here today from That’s My Letter sharing this DIY leather heart necklace, no sewing necessary! I’m a huge fan of giving valentines that are NOT CANDY and this project […]

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