DIY Lighting Challenge


I have a love affair with lighting. Lights are akin to your home’s jewelry. But, that “jewelry” can be expensive unless you DIY your own light fixtures. How about you? Do you like to make your own light fixtures or lamps?

If you do too, I’m thrilled to be hosting a DIY Lighting Challenge in February. A few other blogger friends and I have been challenging each other once a month to create according to a theme. This was my month, so I’m throwing down the glowing gauntlet and challenging you to make your own light fixture or lamp.

If you want to join in the fun, take the rest of the month to create your own DIY Light. You have until Monday, February 29th. On that day, I’ll share my DIY Light project with you and you can share your’s with me in a InLinkz link up.

Ready? Set! Go!

Need some inspiration? I created an entire Pinterest board of DIY Lighting Ideas. Use the hashtag #DIYLightingChallenge if you want to post some teasers.

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DIY Like a Boss Link Party – Week 5

#DIYLikeaBoss Weekly Features - Week 4

I loved so many of your #DIYLikeaBoss projects. I’m so inspired by all the amazing projects you shared. What have you been up to this week? Bring your picture and brag because…

You’re Invited Every Thursday
starting at 6am EST to

 ~ DIY Like a Boss ~

a link party designed to share the best DIY and home decor projects
in blogland with you each week!

To join in the fun, scroll to the bottom of this post and use Inlinkz to submit your work. We’re so glad you’re here and can’t wait to be inspired by your #DIYLikeaBoss ideas!

If you just arrived, I have partnered with four other amazing bloggers to bring you a fabulous weekly party where you can share all of your amazing DIY and home decor projects!

DIY Like a Boss- The only DIY and home decor link party where you will be featured on 5 blogs + Hometalk! ‪#‎diylikeaboss‬

This party is for DIY home decor projects, DIY furniture projects, DIY craft projects, DIY sewing projects, and anything you can DIY!

This is my way of keeping up with all the fantastic DIY projects you’ve been working on. Plus, you’ll be getting exposure with hundreds of other DIYers who will be linking up as well. AND, I’m on the hunt for a new contributor, so this will be a fantastic place for you to showcase your skills (DIY projects, photography and writing.)

And now…

…without further adieu, here are the featured #DIYLikeaBoss from last week’s party!

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How to Clean a Humidifier

How to Clean a Humidifier

Winter is such a dry season, and the appropriate time to keep the air quality inside of your home healthy with moisture. This can be easily done with a humidifier. During the coldest days of winter it seems like our humidifier is constantly running. All that use can put a lot wear on it, but it’s easy to take care of your humidifier in just a few steps.

Here is How to Clean a Humidifier:

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  • Humidifier
  • New filter (find your’s on Amazon)
  • Sponge
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Rag

Before you clean your humidifier, consult with the instruction manual that came with it. If you can’t find the manual, do a search online. Usually companies have links to instructions on how to clean their appliances.


1. First, unplug your humidifier. Take it apart and empty the water container. Separate the pieces and discard the old filter.

2. You’ll see the parts that need attention. They build up with residue that needs washing.  Make a spray with water and vinegar (or just pour vinegar into the base of the humidifier). Use a wet sponge to wipe down the base.

How to Clean a Humidifier

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How to Add a Switch to a Light Fixture

How to Add a Switch to a Light Fixture | Pretty Handy Girl

Have you ever wanted to replace a pull chain light with a standard light fixture and a switch? If so, I have a tutorial for you on How to Add a Switch for a Light Fixture! A while ago my sons and I watched the movie, A Series of Unfortunate Events. When the movie was over […]

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#DIYCourage with Sawdust Girl and Chip & Pauli Wade

#DIYCourage Live Blab - 1st Monday of the Month at 8:30p EST | Pretty Handy Girl

Monday night is going to be EPIC! We will have so much DIY Talent in one Blab that we might just explode the social platform. In fact, I think this should be our goal. Let’s get so many Blab views that we shut the place down. Come join myself and Sara Bendrick (DIY Network host) […]

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DIY Like a Boss Link Party – Week 4

#DIYLikeaBoss Weekly Features - Week 3

Oops, you did it again! You made me swoon with all your #DIYLikeaBoss projects. The timing could not have been more perfect for a DIY party. As the ice and sleet fell outside, I was stuck inside and needed a little getaway from the boys for a while. How about you? Did you get snowed in? Well, if […]

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Family Game Night Hack: How to “Pause” Monopoly


Hi everyone!  It’s Katie from Addicted 2 DIY again!  I have an easy and fun family game night hack to share with you that has helped us to enjoy one of our favorite board games until the very end!  We love to play Monopoly together as a family, but sometimes we don’t have the patience […]

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Backyard Landscaping Plans

Backyard Landscaping Plans | Pretty Handy Girl

I know many of you come to my blog for exciting and inspiring ideas. I love showing you beautiful spaces and makeovers. Sadly, today I have to show you the ugly side of our house. Our backyard is quite a sight. It’s been on our “want to do” list for years. The landscape timbers that were previously […]

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How to Make a Snowman without Snow

Build a Snowman and Win a Getaway for 4 on a Disney Cruise! | Pretty Handy Girl

Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on let’s go and play! Ha, my apologies if you have that popular Frozen song in your head now. Do you have snow where you are? We are on the tip of an “epic” winter storm that is rolling into North Carolina right now. I hope we’ll get some pretty white stuff. […]

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DIY Like a Boss Link Party – Week 3

#DIYLikeaBoss Week 2 Features - The only DIY and home decor link party where you will be featured on 5 blogs + Hometalk! ‪#‎diylikeaboss‬

Y’all did it again! You blew my socks off with your #DIYLikeaBoss projects. I feel like a real slacker looking at all your amazing DIY projects. The party was amazing, was it not? Let’s do it again! You’re Invited Every Thursday starting at 6am EST to  ~ DIY Like a Boss ~ a link party designed […]

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DIY Owl Bookends

owl bookend step 1 tml

Pretty Handy readers Happy New Year!  Jaime here today from That’s My Letter to share how to make scrap wood DIY Owl Bookends.  It’s January and everyone is in cleaning, purging, and organizational mode.  While you’re cleaning out the scrap wood bin, save a few scraps to make these cute owl bookends. They are adorable and will help […]

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Paint Colors in My Home

My Home Paint Colors | Pretty Handy Girl

I owe you an apology. This post has been on my “to do” list for at least two years. But like many of my “to do” list items, it got pushed back many times. I get many questions about the paint colors I use in my home. Each color has been chosen to evoke an emotion […]

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Magazine File Box Facelift

Magazine File Box Facelift | Pretty Handy Girl

It’s a new year and I want to give a few rooms in our house a fresh new look. Our office was one of the first spaces I completed when I started this blog (has it really been 5 1/2 years!) I’m tired of staring at the same room day after day. I know many of […]

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DIY Like a Boss Link Party – Week 2

#DIYLikeaBoss Weekly Features

You all really brought out the amazing DIY projects last week! I’m so impressed by your creativity. I had so much fun looking through the links. The party was amazing, was it not? I have to say, it was really exciting hanging out with so many kick ass women DIYers. Let’s do this more often! […]

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Melted Crayon Heart Valentines


After the abundance of candy and cookies consumed over the holidays, I cringe at the idea of more sweets finding their way into our home. Especially candy with artificial colored dyes added. Valentine’s Day and Halloween are the two holidays where I have to brace myself for the inevitable influx of dye-laden candies. I don’t […]

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Best of Pretty Handy Girl 2015

Best of 2015 | Pretty Handy Girl

What a year 2015 was. I’m most amazed by all that was accomplished in between a major sinus surgery and studying for my general contractor exam. I began taking review classes for the exam in February and here I am on the day of the exam. If you’re the praying type, I’ll take any prayers you […]

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DIY Like a Boss Link Party

#DIYLikeaBoss Weekly Features

(sources: Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body, Table+Hearth, The Heathered Nest, DIY on the Cheap) I have some exciting news for 2016: I have partnered with four other amazing bloggers to bring you a fabulous weekly party where you can share all of your amazing DIY and home decor projects! This party is for DIY home decor […]

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How to Remove Spray Paint from Metal

How to Remove Spray Paint from Metal

Spray paint is a great product to use to makeover almost anything. It comes in many colors and finishes and is great for imperfectly shaped pieces that you can spray much easier than brush with paint. It’s a DIYer’s dream! But some day you might want to remove that spray paint from an object you […]

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Make a Boo-Boo Bear – A Rice Ice and Heat Pack

It's inevitable your little ones will get bump or bruise. Make them a Boo-Boo Bear to sweeten those tough times by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces

Hello PHG readers! I’m coming over from my blog, Prodigal Pieces, to share with you a sweet DIY that is easy to whip up and will make everyone smile (not to mention it makes a perfect last-minute gift!). Do you remember the days as a child when you would stumble and hurt your knee or […]

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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Holiday or just time spent with good friends and family. We had a great day with an unexpected visit from my Mom. (I think she’s relieved I didn’t buy her the 23″ x 14″ box . affiliate link) It was especially sweet to see her since we had lied to […]

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