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How to Solder Metals Together – Tool Tutorial Friday


Wheee, it’s another episode of Tool Tutorial Friday! Do y’all miss TTF? I do too, but this handy gal only has so many tools in her toolbox. I added a new one a few weeks ago, a soldering iron.

When I was in college, I took a stained glass elective (one of the benefits of going to art school.) I really enjoyed the course, but once the semester was over I didn’t pick up a soldering iron again. That was 20 years ago. Just this month, someone in our neighborhood posted online that they were selling a soldering iron. I immediately jumped on the chance. But, this time I didn’t have stained glass in mind, I had these DIY farmhouse lights on the brain!

As promised, here is the tutorial on how to solder. [Read more…]

Get My Look – Joss & Main Curators Collection

I mentioned a while ago that Joss & Main contacted me about creating a curated collection of home décor and furniture that screams Pretty Handy Girl. I was very hesitant, but ultimately agreed to search their virtual warehouse to find things that I would (and do have) in my home. I mean seriously, y’all know I shop the curbside and behind dumpsters. I doubted that Joss & Main would have wonderfully aged and cozy warm décor finds that look like they’ve been loved more than the Velveteen Rabbit.

You can imagine my surprise when not only did I find enough items to create a collection, but I actually had to edit it down by 10 items. The entire experience was a lot of fun and when they sent me the final offering I was amazed at how similar some of the items look to things that I already own.

So, if you are the warm & weathered type (err — I mean — you like things warm and weather), you may like a few of the items I picked out.

My Joss & Main collection is now live and the items will be available until Oct. 1st. I can tell you that the items will be discounted from their usual retail price, consequently some cool finds will sell out quickly. (Don’t wait if you see an item that you really want. Throw it in your cart or you will be crying the blues. (I know this from past experience.) I hope you’ll take a quick peek and let me know if you like some of the things I picked out or if it all looks like it belongs in the dumpster. LOL.

One more insider tip: If you don’t have an account with Joss & Main, you’ll need to apply and wait for an invite before you can shop their sales. However, I have an invite for anyone that wants one, just click here to get your instant Joss & Main invitation (I get a $15 credit if you sign up, so thank you if you do sign up. No purchase necessary.)

I hope to be back tomorrow with a new tutorial for you, but I’m trying to get a little caught up after my sick days.

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post for Joss & Main. I am honestly excited to share with you some unique finds for your home. I will receive a small commission from the sale as compensation for my time and efforts of putting the collection together. But, who am I kidding? It was really a fun experience. Like window shopping online! 

Silhouette Deal and Project Idea Link Party


I was so excited to receive my package from Silhouette recently. I couldn’t wait to try the machine out. I opened the package, read all the instructions, plugged it in… and then I froze. Seriously! I know — I’m not afraid of power tools but I honesty wanted to make something really cool with my new Silhouette Cameo and couldn’t think of a single thing to make with it. I sent out a plea to some of my blogging friends begging them to share their ideas with me. They graciously sent me some of their project links. Then I started searching Pinterest and created a board of Silhouette (and other Craft Cutter) projects.

It was like getting a crash course in using a Silhouette from the pros! I was all ready to proceed and then WHAMMO! I got hit by the crud (see my post from yesterday). As I am taking time to recover, I hope you’ll take me under your wing and share some of your Silhouette and other craft cutter projects with me in the linky collection below.

If you don’t own a Silhouette Cameo (and really want to get your crafty hands on your own), I have the inside scoop on a promotion going on now until the end of September!

silhouette cameo discount code = HANDY

You can get:

1 Silhouette CAMEO + 1 package of printable gold foil + 1 package of printable silver foil + 1 package of printable white sticker paper

= $269.99 

Please share your craft cutter projects so I can learn some of the cool things I can make with my new Silhouette. I’m an eager student! (Linking back to this post would be greatly appreciated so you can share the knowledge.)

Disclosure: I receive a small commission when the special Silhouette discount code: HANDY is used. I was not told what to write (other than the discount details.) I actually reached out to Silhouette to ask them about sending one of their machines for a product review since I had heard many good things about it. I’ll be sure to give you my feedback when I do try it.


Bonus Room Plans to Convert to an Arts and Craft Room


Hello, this is Pretty Handy Girl reporting from the sick bay this week. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my trip(s) to the pharmacy and my hopes for those little pink babies: [Read more…]

How to Salvage Wood from Shipping Pallets

Pallet upcycling is all the rage today. But, if you’ve ever tried to actually remove wood planks from a pallet, you know that it is not an easy task. The nails that are used are typically spiral nails and are designed to really grip that wood. And if that’s not enough, they usually shoot 4-5 nails per joint. Sheesh, you’d think they were building a foundation for a 10 ton elephant. Okay, actually it is the foundation that has to hold tons of product as it is lifted by a fork lift. Which explains why harvesting pallet wood can be a labor intensive task.

I figured you’d appreciate it if I shared with you the quickest and easiest way I’ve found to salvage this beautifully rustic pallet wood. [Read more…]

My Colortopia Show Your Colors

I have to admit to y’all that I have illegal tendencies. I haven’t been arrested yet, but sometimes I fear that my prying eyes may get me in trouble one day. [Read more…]

Circle Diamond Pattern Light Fixture – Updating a Brass Light Fixture

I have been dying to share this tutorial with you! This project was inexpensive and it made such a big impact in our mudroom. It started with a few Habitat ReStore light fixtures and some NEW! Martha Stewart glass paint and ended up adding some major “WOW Factor” to our entry.

[Read more…]

Bread Crate Cubby Display Shelves

Hey y’all. I’ve been busy painting my hair gray. Well, I’m not trying to, but painting the bonus room with its angled ceilings has resulted in a lot of gray highlights. Even Buddy got in the action:

So, while I’m busy googling how to remove paint from dog hair, I hope you’ll enjoy this tutorial I created for building a display shelf using a shipping pallet and a vintage bread crate. My cost was zero because I had all the materials and tools. But, even if you have to buy some of the materials, it should be a relatively inexpensive project. And the best part about this project is that I didn’t use any nails or screws to create it! [Read more…]

Update Your Ceiling Fan with Paint

I’m back, but only for a minute  because I’m working hard on transforming our pinky-beige bonus room into an art and craft studio fit for an art show! This is compounded by the fact that the room has many angles and dormers. Who knew that such a small room would take FOREVER to paint! Gah.

Do you have a brass ceiling fan cluttering the view on your ceiling? It is hard to imagine getting rid of a perfectly good ceiling fan. Especially if you live in a hot climate like we do. Ceiling fans are our salvation in the heat of the summer. But, they aren’t always the most attractive things.

I encourage you not to rid your home of a perfectly good fan if it still works. Instead, why not paint it? AND, even if your blades are white, I’m going to show you a trick that will help make that fan almost disappear on the ceiling. 😉

[Read more…]

Fall Mantle and Autumn Décor

You got a peek at my living room fall décor when I showed you how to make the book page oak leaf garland. As promised, I’ll let you see the rest of the room and how I decorated for Fall.

Before I invite you in, I have a confession to make. [Read more…]

Make an Autumn Book Page Leaf Garland

Two years ago, I saw this beautiful wreath in a magazine. I snapped a picture with my phone and figured I’d try to DIY my own version. Then I forgot about it until I stumbled upon the picture recently. After a little research, I found that the wreath was a Martha Stewart contest winner by Emily Morris.

I loved the leaf shape and the simplicity of the project. So, I decided to alter it slightly to work as a garland for our mantle. [Read more…]

The Southern Bloggers Conference – Oct. 12th and 13th

I’ve got some exciting news y’all! There’s a new blogger conference and it’s coming to my neck of the woods!

Mark your calendars! If you missed out on a blog conference earlier this year, or you’d love to attend one more, I’ve got great news. The Southern Bloggers’ Conference will be in Raleigh, NC, on October 12-13.

Have you been to a blogging conference yet? Or have you been to a huge conference where you felt overwhelmed? Either way, this conference will be the perfect fit of size, workshops, and ability to network. The Southern Bloggers Conference is guaranteed to be warm, friendly and open arms inviting. There are very limited tickets available (and more than half are already sold,) which means that you will get a chance to meet just about (if not all) of the bloggers attending! You can see some of them here.

I spent today with the organizers. These gals have thought of everything! You are not going to believe the workshops, the sponsors, the decorations, the fall decor contest and the swag bags.

The speakers are all top notch, I’ll let these names speak for themselves: [Read more…]