How to Patch Spots in Your Grass (The Easy Way)


Welcome back to the Spring Olympic events. We are here in Handy Stadium which is home to numerous sporting events including: football, soccer, 25 yard dash, off-road cycling and you can’t forget father/son wrestling.

As you can see, we have yards and yards of pristinely manicured blades of grass.

Wait a cotton pickin’ minute, is that a….

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The DIY Talent Parade Link Party


It is another sunny day and the parade is still in full swing. This time the route has been opened up to everyone! I am soooooo excited to see what YOU have to show off. Grab a horn, twirl some batons and link up your best DIY posts to the DIY Talent Parade Link Party. I’m really looking forward to seeing what makes each of you creative, handy and just plain AWESOME!

And in true cheerful parade fashion, jump around a little and leave some comments for the other participants. Share a little commenting love.

Look for a recap sometime next week. Have a great weekend!


Lamp Shade Makeover – DIY Talent Positively Splendid

I am amazed that we’ve had great weather for the entire two weeks of the DIY Talent Parade! Are you enjoying the parade so far?! Well, get ready to have your socks knocked off today. Our talented guest is an amazing multi-tasking mother of four. She cooks, she sews, she crafts and she makes everything she touches beautiful! Amy is beautiful inside and out which makes it no surprise that she has the talent to turn ordinary objects into gorgeous creations. Like this t-shirt turned bolero.

Wait, I think I see her coming this way…ummm…is she dancing? Why yes, she is! My goodness is there anything this girl can’t do?! Turn your heads this way and welcome the very lovely and very talented Amy from Positively Splendid. [Read more...]

Silverware Wind Chime – DIY Talent Songbird

With a tweet and a whistle and a song in her heart, our next DIY Talent Parade participant is gliding….wait, no make that flying down the street! Whoa, well, I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that this talented gal is part avian. That’s right, I have the beautiful and exotic (because she’s from the Netherlands,) Marianne also known to her readers as Songbird.

Marianne, is truly a sweet and graceful creature. And she loves to surround herself with beauty wherever she nests. I secretly dream of flying across the ocean to be a guest in her home one day.

Her home is purely dreamy!

At Songbird Blog, you can learn all types of romantic decorating and decor tips. In addition to her top 7 tips for spraypainting.

Well, she’s swooping down with some beautiful silver strands flying behind her, so focus your attention skyward. [Read more...]

Making an Upholstered Bench from a Coffee Table – DIY Talent Madigan Made

Look up there! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait…it’s Madigan Made! That’s right, Shannon from Madigan Made is here and she leads a double life. She’s the Clark Kent of the blogging world. By day, Shannon is a pharmacist and by night she moonlights as a creative magician and blogger.  This creative genius casts magical spells on ordinary objects and turns them into extraordinary home furnishings and décor.

One thing I love about Shannon is that she never fails to amaze me with her transformations. They are always fresh ideas and the fact that she has the energy to complete DIY projects and hold a full-time job leaves me speechless. Check out just a sampling of her projects.

And now I see some sparks glowing in the distance. They are moving towards us at warp speed, which only means one thing…Madigan Made is in the house! [Read more...]

Painted Flower Garden Birdhouse Tutorial – DIY Talent Mural Maker

How was your weekend everyone? I had a truly fabulous weekend surrounded by some seriously creative and talented bloggers. I was in Salt Lake City, Utah attending the SNAP 2012 conference. Sadly, there was one blogger who is equally as creative and talented that couldn’t make it this year. (But, we’re going to have to tie her up and make her come next year!) This fabulously talented lady is none other than Colleen also known to the blog world as Mural Maker.

head shot

Colleen and I have never met, but we’ve bonded online because we have similar fine art backgrounds. Colleen is equally willing to share her talents and help empower others to paint just like she does (with step by step photographic tutorials.)

Ooo, ooo, ooo, I think I see her marching up the parade path right now. She has a paint brushes in hand and WOW, look at her toss that spinning artist’s palette in the air like a pizza pie. Now that takes talent! The crowd is excited. The colorful paints are beginning to fly. So, settle back and enjoy the show. [Read more...]

Anthropology Inspired Pendant Light – DIY Talent Shabby Creek Cottage


industrial style light DIY

TGIF, TGIF, TGIF!  Can you hear the crowd chanting? Yup, it’s Friday and today we have a real powerhouse of a DIYer in the Talent Parade. Here comes Gina with her baton in hand, she has the crowds on their feet and they are ready for a super transformation.

Before she gets to the grandstand, let me tell you about Gina and her blog: The Shabby Creek Cottage. Gina has single-handedly transformed her mobile into a beautiful cottage space for her family to live in. Seriously, you would never guess that this was a mobile home would you?

Gina’s home is one of my favorite online homes. She uses aquas and whites to create stunning magazine worthy rooms. She is ultra creative and always amazes me with her ability to design unique decor and furnishings.

But here comes that Queen of Transformations herself, so direct your attention to the parade route.

Hi! I’m Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage – my blog where I share the adventures of transforming our shabby little cottage by the creek. I’m so excited to be hanging out with Brittany today – in real life (at SNAP) and here on Pretty Handy Girl – it’s truly an honor!

lighting before photoThis little light over our kitchen sink was a case of budget over beauty. I dreamt of one of those delicious Anthropologie lights, oozing with quirky style. However we had about $20 instead of $200, so we bought a Home Depot pendant and put a bucket on it – cute, but not quirky.

Anthropologie inspired light fixture I channeled my inner Pooh Bear, and did a little thinking. What did I have that would be me? Quirky, farmhouse, vintage inspired me? Then I remembered the roll of chicken wire I bought for $1 at my local Habitat Restore. Jackpot. The only tool I used was a pair of side cutters.

Chicken Wire Pendant Light Tutorial I cut a piece of the wire off the roll, about 10 inches by 12 inches. Cutting on the lines, I tried to keep the long twisty parts between the “combs” as long as I could to make the next step easier. I cut from the finished outer edge, so it could be the bottom of my shade.

how to make a chicken wire light I lined up the full first full roll of combs on each side to make a cylinder. I took the long twisty pieces where I cut, and wrapped them around the ones on the other side.

chicken wire light tutorial Once my cylinder was secure, I carefully started making a dome by pushing the unfinished edges towards the center. Kinda smush it with your hands to get the shape better.

industrial style light DIY You’ll need to make the hole in the middle work around the sleeve for the light bulb, which is kind of trial and error. Just take the coupler off that holds on the shade, then slide on the chicken wire and replace the coupler.

IMG_3304 You can make it look like a cloche, or smush it all wonky and make it more distorted – totally up to you.

chicken wire pendant light

A 10 minute DIY makes my Anthropologie lovin’ heart flutter…


It might not be so cute anymore, but it sure is a bucket load of quirky.
Thanks, Brittany, for letting me share my tutorial today!

Seriously, that pendant light is adorable and Gina makes it so easy to replicate! I’m off to reclaim some wire from the chickens. Wait, I don’t have chickens, guess I’ll be heading over to Home Depot.

How are you enjoying the parade this week? Are you ready for more DIY Talent next week? Come back on Monday to see who’s marching down the street. And don’t forget to join the parade with your own talent on Friday with a special DIY Talent Link Party.

Creative Container Gardening – DIY Talent The Pink Hammer Blog


Welcome back to another day of the DIY Talent Parade! Do you see that flurry of pink activity? You know what that means, it is none other than Kelly from The Pink Hammer Blog!

Kelly is the gal behind those rockin’ pink tools. With a drill in one hand and a hammer in the other, there isn’t anything she can’t do! Take this bathroom renovation for example:

She took it from dark and dingy to sea-inspired-licious! The transformation is impressive, don’t you think?!

Today Kelly is going to whip up some creative containers for planting. And, boy oh boy does she have some creative ideas!  Take it away Kelly!

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Make Your Own Cloche – DIY Talent House of Hepworths


Oh my goodness, I can’t contain my excitement!!! Here she comes: Allison from House of Hepworths. If Aretha is the Queen of Soul, Allison is the Queen of DIY!

Allison has been making over her home one DIY project at a time. She is in her third year of blogging about the transformations.

Won’t you please welcome Allison to the DIY Talent Parade!

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How to Fix a Broken Lamp – DIY Talent Condo Blues


Can you hear the bass drum and the band playing? The DIY Talent Parade is in full swing now. Lisa from Condo Blues is striding this way and ready to show off her mad electrical skills.

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Making a Faux Roman Shade – DIY Talent SAS Interiors


Good morning and welcome! Today is the start of our DIY Talent Parade. The sun is shining and the clouds are gone, it’s a great day for a parade! The crowds are anxious, so let’s get this show on the road!

Our first DIY Talent heading up the pack is Jenna from SAS Interiors. She is an interior designer, blogger and Mom from upstate New York. This is one busy gal! Please put those hands together and give Jenna a warm welcome. [Read more...]

DIY Talent Parade


It’s coming, grab your horns and confetti because the first ever DIY Talent Parade is marching this way!!! I have lined up some fabulously talented DIY bloggers who are going to share their talents over the next two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, there will be a big link up party. I want you to show off your talents by linking up your most phenomenal creations! Feel free to show off something old or new, just don’t lag behind. Join us on Friday, April 27th at 7am.

Here is the parade line up and talent:

Monday, April 16th – SAS Interiors

Tuesday, April 17th –  Condo Blues

Wednesday, April 18th – House of Hepworths

Thursday, April 19th – The Pink Hammer Blog

Friday, April 20th – The Shabby Creek Cottage

Monday, April 23rd – Mural Maker

Tuesday, April 24th – Madigan Made

Wednesday, April 25th – Songbird

Thursday, April 26th – Positively Splendid

Friday, April 27th – You Join the Parade!

I hope you’ll join the fun and check back daily next week for some serious DIY talent!


How to Root Plant Clippings


I have a bush in our yard that is a pure delight to me.

It has the distinguished honor of being the first flowering plant in our landscaping after a long winter. In the winter, it has pretty dark shiny evergreen foilage. When these little white blossoms open, they produce the most heavenly lemon smell.

My angelic plant is a Daphne bush (maybe the star white variety ) and it seems to like the shaded spot it holds under the protective canopy of oaks over it. If there was ever a plant I want more of, this is it. So, I decided to try to root some clippings this year using rooting hormone. [Read more...]

Top 10 Cleaners that You Can Make Yourself


Anyone else detest cleaning their homes? {Major hand raised over here!} I don’t like to clean, but what I really dislike is paying those exorbitant prices to purchase store bought cleaners. Did you know that you can make your own cleaning products using ingredients that cost pennies compared to a bottle of cleanser!

For example, baby oil makes an excellent stainless steel sink shiner (who knew!)

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Winner of the Flow Wall System and a Discount Code


Congratulations to Jill New who was the lucky winner of the Flow Wall Giveaway!

Her entry was chosen at random by Rafflecopter, but I’m so happy that she was chosen. Here was her reply to me this weekend:

“We’re moving back into a house that has been a rental property of ours since my husband was stationed elsewhere this summer our garage needs some organization action. My happy dance is HUGE!” – Jill

I’m sure she will love the Flow Wall System as much as I do.

Give Jill a big congratulatory “Hooray!” And please don’t cry, Flow Wall is offering you a special as well. 
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How to Spray Paint Brass Light Fixtures


The other day I showed you how to swag a chandelier. I think many of you fell in love with my sunny yellow light fixture (painted Summer Squash by Rustoleum.) Admit it, you fell for her!

I will tell you how you can get your own! It shouldn’t cost you more than $20 with materials!

Jump on over to Parentables to see how you can easily transform a brass chandelier (or any metal light fixture for that matter.) Beware, you may be spraying all of your home’s light fixtures after you see how easy it is.

If you haven’t entered, today is the last day to enter to win the Flow Wall Giveaway. Be sure to go through the Rafflecopter widget at the end of my laundry room reveal post.

How to Swag a Light Fixture



Do you have a chandelier that is a little “off” in your dining room? Do you curse the electrician that didn’t bother to think about centering a hanging light fixture? Yeah, me too! I  had this problem in our laundry room.

Granted, “most people” don’t hang chandeliers in their laundry room, but I wanted to do it. Except there was one problem. The confounded light fixture box was no where near centered on the room or the washer and dryer. Grrrr. [Read more...]

Make Your Own Springtime and Easter Blue Bird Nest


My boys are off this week for Spring Break, so we’ll be breaking out the craft supplies for sure! This is one of my favorite crafts for springtime. If you have time this week (or need to entertain your little chicks) definitely enlist some tiny hands to help with this project. The adorable blue bird eggs are perfect to display on your table or mantle. (Don’t forget to tarp off around the work area.)

Follow the tutorial for creating blue bird eggs over at Parentables. [Read more...]

Speaking and other Announcements


Time to give y’all an update on some cool stuff going on over in PrettyHandyVille. (I just watched the Lorax today with my son, so Thneedville is still on the brain.)

April is going to be a busy month for me. First, I will be speaking at the Southern Ideal Home Show – Raleigh, NC – April 13th – 15th!

If you are in the area that weekend, I’ll be presenting all three days at the show. Look for the Habitat ReStore booth to find me. The show will be at the Fairgrounds on Blue Ridge Rd. and Hillsborough. It is always a really fun show to attend if you are looking for home improvement ideas.

I have a truck arriving at my house to pick up several of my DIY furniture projects to the share with you. I hope you will come to hear me talk about frugal decorating and how you too can Do It Yourself!

The week after the home show I’m headed to Utah to speak at the SNAP Conference. If you want to be empowered to try power tools, come hear my talk about Chic Friendly Power Tools on Saturday, April 21st (conference tickets required). If you are attending SNAP I hope to meet you there!

Karen Deer from the St. Louis Dispatch interviewed me last month for a feature she was writing on repurposed closet transformations. I think it is wonderful that so many people are utilizing their closets and reclaiming some of that square footage for living, working and play spaces! Do you have a closet that you could reclaim?

See you tomorrow for a fun Springtime and Easter craft!