2012 I Love Thrifting Day Recap

Top row, left to right: Me, Gynne, Erin – Bottom row left to right: Kristen, Courtney, Amy

Saturday morning I rushed out the door into a THICK WALL of HOT and HEAVY HUMIDITY in search of some great bargains. Yes, I had to bold and capitalize that statement about the weather, because it was really that nasty! Despite the weather, I pushed forward to join some other local thrifters for the second annual I “Love” Thrifting Day. It was a good chance to have fun shopping, pointing, laughing and sweating (like a pig in a cooker.) If you stayed home in your air conditioned comfort, I commend you on being cool. For those that missed the fun, here is the recap that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your climate controlled home (or office.)

We started at The Resale Boutique, which truly remains one of my favorite consignment stores. They have several booths set up inside and there are always sales and discounts resulting in some fabulous deals! Like this antique child’s toolbox for $7.50 (- 20%!) And it had several of the tools still inside. I tried super hard to hide my excitement, but I don’t have a good poker face.

If tools aren’t your thing, how about this fun little nut cracker? He was still there when I left, so rush on out to scoop him up if you like nut crackers.

In the “Whoa! What the Heck is That” category, I discovered this rather busty machine. It turns out it was an old Dr. Scholl’s foot massager.

I thought these little spice drawers were interesting. But, when I pulled them out I discovered they weren’t drawers, but little square shakers.

I fell hard for this birds and bees carved glass plate. But, I couldn’t justify the price. It is heavy, french and truly beautiful, so I’m sure it was worth every penny.

One of the many things I bought from The ReSale Boutique were these Ralph Lauren platform flip flops. They are super comfy and may just be my new favorite shoes.

Next it was on to GCF or Goodwill Community Foundations. We went to two Goodwills and at the first one I scored this great metal storage chest for $23. The drawers look cheap, but the glides and construction are heavy duty. I have plans to make it less “girly” and use it for art supply storage in my studio. A big thank you goes to Kristen for insisting I buy it and helping me haul it to the register and out the door!

At the Brier Creek Goodwill, I met sweet Tonya who asked for my opinion on this table and 6 chair set. At under $100, the table was sturdy, but needed some TLC. Tonya has some plans to give it a makeover, and I told Tonya that I’m holding her to it!

I found these men’s shirts and an American flag (thanks Gwynne for pointing out the flag in the display case.) I have some patriotic plans for them, but I won’t tell you what they are yet. A little more about that flag, it is 100% cotton and was only $19.99. I didn’t open it up in the store, but when we unfolded it at home, it took up one entire wall in my son’s bedroom! This sucker is huge!

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you may have been scared seen some of the stranger things that we saw while thrifting.

1. Before chia pet, there was straw bunny!

2. Everything looks better upholstered, well except a gigantic mirror.

3. Foot tall set of The Three Stooges figurines, make a beeline to Estatibles if you can’t live without them!

4. Rhinestone-encrusted nightmare-inducing fine art twins were pointed at and then we quickly ran away. SCARY!!!

We had a fabulous time. A special thanks to Courtney from The Joy of Decorating for organizing this year! Hopefully we’ll have some new recruits next year.



  1. Love the metal chest you scored! Will it stay those colors or will you repaint it? I really need to go thrifting one of these days … tons of places here in Florida & I have yet to check them out.

  2. Isn’t every day I Love Thrifting Day?? This looks like a lot of fun, and those shakers are my favorite! And yes, you need to work on that poker face :)

  3. I wasn’t going to comment until I saw those flip flops. Those exact same flip flops I bought 4 years ago. I happen to be wearing them right now. well if you get anything out of this comment, let it be that they last forever. 3 years ago I was wearing them every single day. I put them away for a while and brought them back out this summer. I’m now wearing them every single day again.

  4. My daughter and I hit the Goodwills at New Hope and the one near Red Lobster in Raleigh on Sunday. We scored a really good microwave cart (for college) for only $4.99–complete with two shelves and caster rollers. She also got a really nice pair of designer shoes at RETAILS for $4. We thrift as much as we can and with her going to college it really helps!

  5. Seem like you all had a great time. How fun.


  6. Looks like you had a great time!! It’s always fun to go “thrifting” with with friends!
    About your flag… I have one just like it(I got mine at a thrift store too)… Around here, those kind of flags are referred to as “coffin flags” because they’re the kind you’ll find draped over caskets at military funerals. No matter what they’re called, they’re nice and durable(I fly mine outside for holidays) and will probably last forever. Besides, when I put mine out, I like to think that I’m flying it in memory of the veteran it had been given for.

  7. LOVE thrift shopping! Hooray for thrift shopping :)

  8. I wish I lived closer to you girls. I would have loved to have joined you girls…minus the heat. 😀

  9. Jéssica says:

    Hey, this is my first time here and I really enjoyed your website. Well, I also love thrifting but here in my city we don’t have many places for that :(

  10. looks like y’all got some great stuff! I love thrifting, too… actually going to a thrift store at lunch…

  11. I did the I Love Thrifting day here in Atlanta for the first time. SO fun shopping with other DIYers!

    I’m still haunted by that rhinestone art. I think those guys will be in my nightmares tonight!

  12. I am late on this post. Just had a baby and am now catching up on blogs. I have been following your blog for a while and had no idea you were located in Raleigh! I saw that you shopped at Estatibles, and the Brier Creek Good Will, and realized you were local. I shop at those locations as well, and am quite jealous of your finds. :) Great job on your purchases and cant wait to see what all you do with them all.


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