10 DIY Gift Ideas for the Rock Star DIYer

10 DIY Gift Ideas for the Rock Star DIYer

Christmas is next week? Christmas is next week! Who else is still running around buying those last minute gifts? {Me raising my hand.}

If you have someone on your list who is an avid DIYer, I have a new list of the Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Rock Star DIYer in your life! These tools will transform the newbie DIY junkie giving them better street cred and true rock star status! (Results may vary.) In all seriousness, these are the tools and products that I found helpful this year.

In order from  least to most expensive Top 10 DIY Gift Ideas:

1. Duluth Apron – $28.50

Duluth Workshop Apron Tool Belt

Having a tool belt is helpful. But, having an apron and tool belt in one is multi-tasking at its finest. I especially like the Duluth Fire Hose Shop apron because of the mesh pockets that hold your nails and screws but not sawdust and lint! As with all their products, Duluth Trading makes things that will likely outlast you.

2. Tekton Set 135 bit set– $39.95

Tekton 135 piece bit set

I have a lot of screwdrivers, but it seems that I’m always hunting for the perfect size. The 135 pc. Tekton bit set puts the convenience of 135 screwdrivers in an easy to carry case. All the bits you need including precision electronic bits! The set includes a premium ratcheting driver handle, a precision bit driver, and a spudger for prying open electronics. Plus a price that won’t break your budget.

3. Skil 2.8 amp orbital power sander – $39.97

SKIL orbital sander

This year I had to bite the bullet and buy a new orbital sander. I didn’t want to spend a lot but I wanted performance and not a lot of mess. The SKIL random orbital sander has a nice cushioned feel in my hand. With different speeds and a micro-filtration system, I really enjoy sanding with it.

4. Stanley FATMAX LED Spot Light Flashlight – $44.95

Stanley FATMAX flood light

After making numerous trips into our crawlspace this year, I decided to upgrade flashlights to one that had more power and most importantly a longer battery life. Finding yourself in a crawlspace with a dying flashlight is much worse than being under the house in the first place! The beam from this flood light is powerful enough to help land lost UFOs. The LI-ION internal battery holds a charge for up to 1-year. Plus a 1 hour run time when fully charged.

* Honorable mention goes to: Ryobi  TEK4 5 watt LED flashlight $29.97

Ryobi Flashlight

Ryobi has a new flashlight which is perfect for walking the dog or illuminating nocturnal animals that scare you awake while camping. The Tek4 LED Hi-Beam flashlight is powered by a rechargeable 4V Lithium-Ion battery technology and comes with the battery and charger. This will appeal to anyone who is tired of hunting for batteries for their dying flashlight. The beam from this little dynamo is 220 lumens, much brighter than your conventional flashlight. Waterproof design is forgiving if you drop it in the stream while running from that bear you just illuminated.

5. Ryobi HP64LK Tek4 4-Volt Right Angle Driver – $59.99

Ryobi Right Angle Driver

Although you won’t use this right angle driver all the time. Having it in your tool arsenal for the tightest of jobs will prove valuable at saving you time and effort in a pinch(-ed spot that is.) Once you go power, it’s hard to go back to a hand held manual screwdriver. So, reach for the Ryobi right angle driver when you want the speed of a drill in a tight spot.

6. Dremel Multi-Max – $89.00

Dremel Multi-Max

During the kitchen renovation this year,  I found myself reaching for my Dremel Multi-Max time and time again. The Multi-Max is perfect for plunge and precision cuts. With a variety of attachment heads you can also use it as a detail sander, drywall cutter, and much more. Plus, this tool never needs charging because it plugs into the wall.

7. Rockwell 3Rill – cordless screwdriver/drill/impact driver in one! – $99

Ryobi 3Rill

The Rockwell 3Rill is three tools in one. It’s a cordless screwdriver, a drill and an impact driver. With the quick release chuck, you won’t waste time tightening the drill onto your bits (it accepts all hex shank bits). What I like most about this tool is that it has the power of an 18 volt drill, but has the small and lightweight battery which is more forgiving on your arm muscles.  The 3RILL is powered by a smaller and more highly-efficient 12v Lithium-Tech “smart chip” battery that charges quickly (75 percent in just 15 minutes – Full charge in only 30 minutes) and lasts much longer than most standard ni-cad battery operated tools, while providing an 18V-like 800 in-lbs of “Turbo Torque” to ensure even the toughest of tasks can be done by practically anyone, without sacrificing an ounce of effort or power.

8. 10.5 foot XTend a Ladder Extension Ladder $159.99

10.5 ft. Xtend & Climb Extension Ladder

I have to admit, when Xtend & Climb sent me this ladder I had no idea how much I would reach for it. This extension ladder telescopes from a small compact 29″ x 18″ to a 10.5 foot height which is perfect for cleaning first floor gutters, windows and more. I really appreciated this ladder when traveling to a job site. This ladder folds compactly to fit in the trunk and takes up very little space. It’s as sturdy as a conventional extension ladder and sets up in seconds. If you need more height they offer a 12.5 ft. version too.

9. WORX WG308 6-Inch 5-Amp Electric JawSaw with Extension Handle – $119.99

Worx JawSaw

Are you scared of chain saws. I have to admit that I am. I cringe at the thought of an injury caused by the kick back of a chain saw. The JawSaw eliminates all the risks associated with a traditional chain saw. It makes cutting and pruning trees much safer. With a 12′ extension pole, you can stay firmly on the ground and prune tree limbs up to 4″ thick.

10. Ryobi Cordless Nail Gun – $129

Ryobi Air Strike Nail Gun

I have used a compressor and finish nail gun for years. When Ryobi introduced this cordless nail gun, I was skeptical. But, I soon found that it has all the power of a conventional compressed air-powered nailer without the hassles of pulling out a compressor (and the noise of an air compressor.) Plus, this nailer is always ready to go as long as the battery is charged. No waiting for a compressor to fill. It handles up to 2″ finish nails. Perfect for crown molding, trim, small wood working projects and quickly tacking something up.

I hope you have a wonderful DIY holiday! Let me know if you have any gift idea for the DIYer in your family!


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I can definitely see a few things on this list I would like/love/want/need. Thank you for such a valuable list of necessary items for the DIY-er. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year Brittany to you & your family!

I’m saving the list for future reference. I’m kind of a DIY want-to-be. I did get my 22 year-old nephew a Kreg jig (I think it’s the same one you have–$100). Hope he likes it! He and I both have said we want to build. So maybe it will inspire him (and maybe he will let me borrow it!). I’m going to print your post on using a Kreg and give it to him along with the jig. And maybe your post on the hutch! Thanks so much for your blog and all the inspiration. Merry Christmas!